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  1. Yeah I kind of agree with your point there. A class is a profession and it is something that should be chosen to some degree. Though the idea of a house having all the same primary class does make a lot of sense if you take culture into account. Perhaps keep the primary class as the house class, but allow the players to pick (or not pick as a choice) which secondary class they will be raised to learn from among the available primary and secondary classes of the Lord(s) and/or Lady(s) of that house. So if Hero A is a Warrior Warrior and Hero B is a Mage Rouge then when Child X is born you can pick it's secondary class from Warrior, Mage or Rouge OR have the option of letting it be random. But the idea being that a class is something that is chosen and not always forced into a random variable. That way to still have the house generating Warriors, but there is some more customization and choices for the player to lean one way or the other. More choice for the player to sculpt his kingdom and reach those other class abilities he needs will smoothen out the need for directly hiring up from guilds too.
  2. One thing that wasn't clear to me was how all the baby making happens in the game. Does it only happen when you plug your heroes into a keep? Now make babies! ...or will the leftover "un-housed" heroes still get it on too? Hmm... and how does that work? O_o And... Where do all the other heroes live while your sets of Hero A + Hero B live it up all cushy in their pimpin' new keeps? I'm assuming that once you start losing land, you'll also lose keeps so that would restrict the number of bloodlines too, amiright? Just stuff I thought of while I watched the stream... I like the concept so far. Very appealing and unassuming. Cool stuff!
  3. Hey I really like this idea. I feel though this is something that needs to be "turned on" in the game options before it starts working as such. From there definitely creating a username and password pair that can be stored locally in your port/copy of the game on that platform and updated later with a new user/pass pair should say your spouse/brother/sister, etc wants to play the game too, but with their own "account" for example. They could just use Moai if it supports this fully I guess, but then there is the option for Double Fine to use other free "social" gaming networks too. This is done for a lot of popular games on iOS devices like using Apple's Game Center and OpenFeint as examples. We all would probably want something that is universally accessible across all platforms though. But storing a username and password in the game options after activating it so it happens after I've set it up is something I'm more than happy with and that alone would save me having to copy a bunch of save files as it is.
  4. That's an awesome idea! Actually it would be fun to have a scene where someone is undecided about two sets of colours... for clothing perhaps and they have two choices which are the cyan/magenta/black/white OR black/brown/orange/yellow combinations as an inside joke on early adventure games that started out in EGA.
  5. Oh! Just thought of this... Translucent / Glass World! Maybe mix this with some cool shiny water, flowing or not. ... or an endless perfectly mowed/trimmed green grass lawn filled with white bunnies. Evil fuzzy bunnies that do horrible evil things like nibble on grass and a small hop from time to time and look like they are looking at nothing, but at the same time... something... You know that they are plotting something, but you don't know what. Just like I told you... evil... ...and fuzzy... ...and who the hell mows this lawn?!?!
  6. Well after 20 pages of reply here is my teeny tiny drop in the ocean... I love the idea of an underwater area in the game. Caustic lighting has always mesmerized me much. And it's reeeally pretty too! Maybe an all metal & chrome world? Hmm shinny. Stuffed animal/puppet world? Riddle world, everyone talking in strange riddles.. or backwards or something like that. It would be neat to have a nice big fancy stairs area where you go all over the place sort of like that scene in The Labyrinth movie. You know the really creepy one with David Bowie? Hmm what else, maybe a glowy world where just about everything glows sort of like in that night scene in Avatar. Maybe even make parts all trippy-like to appease the ravers among the backers. Oh and what about 8-bit world? As homage to the origins of adventure games...
  7. What a great story idea. I used to love those stories where you sort of split up your main characters and play them out separately until eventually they come together in the end, and sometimes not. I also love that you specifically put a space ship and a castle. Two totally different spectrums of what I think were classic adventures game themes of the past. Heck if you wanted to play along with the split worlds style of gameplay, you could also introduce new splits later on, perhaps as part of the all-encompassing story arc in the game. Anyhow love the 2nd episode. Love the editing! It feels very "brain-storm-y-ish" if that makes sense. Looking forward to the next in a month or so...
  8. I've been developing game prototypes for some times now an an indie. I have my own site full of those projects at redantgames.com and I am in the stages of creating a crowd funding campaign to kickstart my Garland's Quest puzzle adventure game right now. I've hired a professional artist and musician to create assets for my game. Graphics will be traditionally 2D drawn and have a fantasy story book feel while music will be in the style of a mix between the atmospheric DKC levels and the epic feeling of Trine. Needless to say, I'm pretty excited about this project. I also run a programmer's community for those who make games using Object Pascal and other dialects at pascalgamedevelopment.com. So I've been involved in indie game development for awhile now. I love making games and hope that my first big scale project allows me to finish and release my game finally...
  9. I love Nathan Stapley's environments, I think they are very cool and stylish, however am I the only one that finds some of his character art (forgive me if this comes off a bit mean) wacky looking? At least from what his gallery shows. I've always favored characters that looked like people rather than pieces of crazy art and abstract sculptures. This may be a matter of taste, which in that case everyone will vary, but if I had a say in this could I not vote to prevent the game characters from getting too weird looking? Such may actually put me off from actually wanting to play the game in the end. Probably why I would not have wanted to play Grim either. I'm sorry, but I'm just being honest as much as I respect the work being done and what you guys put into your games. You've earned that much by being so open about the development so far. That said, I do love this insight into the graphics style and how the assets are put together to make a parallax scene. I think this thread is gold!
  10. I think that the Pitch video should be on the Blu-Ray/DVD Extras. It's an important part of the whole project. A commentary on how this was put together would be cool too.
  11. I have a question about content/asset management/storage in general. How does the team plan to store all the textures in PNG format and music is whatever format it'll be? Will you guys be developing your own or making use of some API out there that'll allow you to pack and load it for use in the engine from a single storage format? I ask, because I've been developing some game projects myself and I really haven't gotten into the content management stuff yet. Right now I just load PNG files and MP3s to use as textures and playback in-game. I think it would be interesting to see how the professionals do it.
  12. Tim is a really funny and entertaining guy, obviously or all his characters in his games would have completely sucked, right? But it was nice to see a more natural side of him, something you don't get to see with a big game company label, always concerned with putting on a professional face. It was really great to have a real true version of the events as they unfolded, warts and all. I'm happy to have been a teeny tiny part of making this what I'm seeing it should become. To think of it though, I don't think anyone else has ever done a documentary (Edit: About video game development!) like this before. At least not one that isn't trying to make the company look like a bunch of super heroes and it's "the best-est company ever." This first episode didn't do that and I think that's what I like most about it so far. I am sure that Double Fine is a great place to work, but they are not trying to shove that down our throats. Instead they are just trying to be genuine and you can actually respect that more so I truly believe.
  13. Well if you are open to the idea, you could keep a copy of all your "notes" that you are posting for us and use them in a playback mode where they popup (ala "Pop-up Video" style) on the disc. A director's commentary would be wicked sick too. I'm an actual indie developer and I run a sizable web community for developers so for me this documentary is completely worth at least half the cost of what I put up for the game and then some.
  14. Just this experience shows me what kind of studio 2PP really is. You guys are aces in my books! Should a Blu-Ray disc of this documentary come out, will you guys kindly post a link to where we could order it online? I paid the $30 to download to get the final download version, but it never hurts to have a hard backup of it around. Plus I can only imagine what the special features on the disc would be like.
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