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    I'm paid to be a 3D character artist and animator, so I do that for a living. I'm not paid to make video games, but I do that anyway.
  1. Still going! Here's Dave G animated. I might revisit the Happy pose, as it's not as extreme/awesome as the Angry pose. pQ1dHA5YJfQ
  2. Finished texturing Dave G's head, with a bit of feedback from Dave G himself!
  3. hahaha! Brad is peering into that ball's soul!
  4. I enjoy making blendshapes when I remember how to make blendshapes. Then I enjoy doing silly voices that don't fit the character AT ALL. Probably because I am now a zombie. Why do my spotty embedding skills hate me?!
  5. Quick texture of Anna's head. Might push some hair verts for a better silhouette, but for now I sleep Hope you all like! https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-feOmC4Xkq_g/UxGYNjperbI/AAAAAAAACxg/hze8KxnPQNM/w757-h787-no/annaWIP02.JPG
  6. That's the assumption I'm working under as well, Klamp. Get the art that's been established consistent and in the game early so people can play something coherent, then iterate/revise as necessary if/when we continue to develop the project.
  7. Abelo, I think I'm in love with you. Seriously, that's a rad sketch. Love the plaid.
  8. Good stuff, Mathore. My only suggestion would be to "cartoonify" the rocks more-- make them more painterly TF2 style, or look at Airborn for reference-- as right now they seem a little too photo-real compared to the rest of the world. I love those trees, though!
  9. Definitely check the Git for issues to which you'd want to contribute. Otherwise, I was thinking about pushing the character art as well-- I love the simplicity of Taekon's concepts but I think it'd be really cool to have something more of caricatures for all the DF staff that's going into the game. Michael Firman has been doing some amazing caricature portraits of DF staff, I'm thinking I'd like to make models of these. Abelo, if you wanted to help me out with unifying some of those designs for a better read in 3D, that would be greatly appreciated! (Don't worry, Cheeseness, I'll make a "nice to have" issue in the Git about this as well )
  10. haha! Awesome! I love it. It's like a Dave Doge. Wow. So Amneza. Such Fortnite. Wow.
  11. haha! Awesome! I love it. It's like a Dave Doge. Wow. So Amneza. Such Fortnite. Wow.
  12. Just caught this from the Github! Hi! I'm David Mann and I'm a 3D character artist. I work primarily in Maya, ZBrush, Silo, and Photoshop, but I use 3DS Max and a little bit of Mudbox at work. I'd love to help out with character work if I can. Check out my portfolio below if you like!
  13. I'd love to help out if I can. Character modeler/artist by trade. Let me know if you need help with characters. even crits or feedback in general, though I'm itching to model something.
  14. Awesome episode! It was also awesome meeting Tim and the Brutal Legend art team at the book signing/release party. I'm not normally one to get all nervous around celebrities, but I did when I talked to Tim anyway. Still cool. In fact, all you DF guys are great-- so personable! It was like hanging out with friends. In line, in a crowd, sweating like crazy. Fingers crossed Tim and Lee get a chance to get back to me on my portfolio (I know they're busy dudes and probably get requests for critique all the time, but here's hoping!)
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