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  2. Thanks for your detailed reply, its valued. I thought you where having two different teams on those two parts actually, somehow it showed. I understand it's a huge procedure to complete each show, you most have alot of raw footage to go thru and edit. One last thing i always been thinking about while watching these episodes... Wouldn't it be cool to let the viewer know when the segment been captured? I mean, letting the audience know how far in the game have come in just a few months, are we talking footage taken 1 week before it goes live or is it more like 2 months ago since you recorded Episode 4? Makes you think whats going on inside the studio this current minute... magic i bet. Sorry for my tired english almost at 11.30 pm, all the way from scandinavia.
  3. Can you point out which scenes you found the most lacking? Maybe it's something we can keep in mind moving forward. Just speaking my mind after watching it once, by no mean take it to seriously. I loved the show like most seem to do, and i been waiting for a new episode for a long time now. What i meant was that some parts felt out-of-focus (i understand its also a part of the feeling you are trying to capture), the part with Peter (part 2) in it particular felt "unfocused". Alot of window-shots and reflections to take in mind ofcourse. I watched in HD. This is probably all me, but i cant say i felt the same durring the other episodes. Also, some parts feels very close, a little to much zoomed in, could be why it feels a little out of focus sometimes. What equipment/camera do you use while recording on foot?
  4. A picture says more then thousand words, but honestly, i rather sit and listen to your thoughts for now. Also, the lacking of focus in this video is... lacking.
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