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  1. Aww shoot, I'm guessing the DF books won't arrive until way after the 15th then (especially since it's going to my father's address in alaska first, then being sent to my location). Ah well, late birthday present then! Thanks for keeping us informed, anyway! I'm sure we'd love an update for whenever you guys ship the books out!
  2. I'm able to use my PS3 controller with the program MotionNJoy set to emulate an Xbox360 controller. Give that a try and see if that works!
  3. Hey if you don't mind me bringing this up again, I'd like to know exactly what each save file does. I've been messing with the files trying to figure out exactly what does what, but I'm still having trouble figuring out what the campaign save file is exactly. What I'm trying to do: I'm trying to adjust the files around so I have a copy of the campaign files in another folder while making a clean slate on the game file. HOWEVER, I don't want to loose the progress on things I've unlocked through the game, mainly for which concept art I've gotten ((took a while to get all of the multiplayer unit art...)) I want to start the new game so I can go back and snag some screencaps I missed, and possibly a concept art that didn't register ((the Guardian of Metal art)), then once I got that, bring my previous save file back while keeping the art I've unlocked so I can continue where I left off on the main campaign, since I don't want to loose my progress ((50+ serpents and all of the landmarks/buried metal/etc BEFORE even freeing the headbangers.) I've figured out not to move extend.sav, prefs.sav, screen.sav, SLDGamepag.congif, and unlocks.sav. The ones I've moved out of the folder are are auto.sav.sav, chkpnts.sav, P1_010.sav, and P1_020.sav. The game says I haven't completed any chapters; however it still loads the save file I had before, so I'm not sure exactly what file has the campaign data 8\ There's also a folder with a bunch of numbers in it that contains the following files: achieve.sav, another auto.sav.sav, extend.sav, prefs.sav, and unlocks.sav. Any help would be appreciated!
  4. I noticed that,in the beginning, the Druid chanting is VERY loud. after the crumbling bridge scene where Ophelia goes "I can't wait to show Lars!", normally there's a cutscene showing Doviculus at the temple. That never played. Also, in-world notifications don't show up. For example, notifications for when you unlocked concept art, rose up buried metal, song information in the deuce, etc don't appear. Also, after you get 10 bound serpents, the full screen notification doesn't appear, and afterwards it doesn't show your current serpent number after each freed statue. I also got the missing Earthshaker buttons, the missing Lamprey roar, the map freeze, the unset back patch camera, and the screaming wall bugging out. also I'm pretty sure the Raptor Elk are supposed to have fur on their bodies, but none of the fur texture is showing up. they just look like they're made of muscle with no fuzzy coat. Still hunting for bugs~
  5. Hey guys, long time no see! First off, MAJOR thank you to Double Fine for finally bringing Brütal Legend to the PC! I've been messing around in the beta and so far it's looking good, minus a couple of graphic errors I've seen. However, I'm having one major problem... I know recently you guys updated the options menu to include display settings and such, but just about all of the options aren't registering when I change them... I try to put the game into Windowed mode (uncheck Fullscreen), and when I hit Enter, it doesn't do anything. I try and change the resolution and hit enter, and nothing changes. I try to adjust the music volume, invert camera axis, turn on/off visual settings, but nothing saves. I try using the keyboard to make the changes; nothing. I use my PS3 controller (emulating a 360 controller) to make selections; also nothing. The only way I was able to change my resolution was by going into the screen.dat file as shown in the FAQ, but even those don't have all the options I'd like to adjust, such as music volume, anti-aliasing, etc. Speaking of volumes, it's the music volume specifically I can't change. I can adjust the SFX and Voice volumes, but not music. I'm really hoping these will be fixed soon, cause I would love to make the game run at the best performance it can by adjusting some of these settings. Thanks for reading, and hopefully these will be fixed soon!
  6. Just adding to the controller list here... I'm using a PS3 Dualshock controller myself, and I'm having to emulate an Xbox360 controller through MotionNJoy. Surprisingly, this works just fine! However, remapping doesn't seem to work for me. It's cool, though, since the buttons are pretty much perfectly placed as it. I would love an option for it to recognize Dualshock controllers though; it kind of messes with me to see Xbox buttons when I'm not even using that kind of controller haha. I see there's a folder for PS3 buttons in the game files, and I'd like that to be implemented. Maybe an option to choose what kind of gamepad you're using for buttons? Like a list that has Xbox, PS/Dualshock, or Custom buttons, which will have the game show the buttons for that specific gamepad. Just a thought!
  7. Tikara

    Hey Tim!

    Sweet! One question about a certain DLC though...Does this include the Love Giver preorder guitar? Or is that no longer a thing? I have it on my PS3 version and I would love to have it on the PC version as well.
  8. I saw the movie today! Gonna keep this post short and spoiler free. It was honestly pretty good! It's a Disney movie so you can see a lot of things coming from a mile away. I honestly had more fun looking for all the video game related easter eggs than focusing on the movie itself. ps, wait until after the credits for a fun easter egg~
  9. I also vote for authentic WR shirts and to bring back the Kochamera shirt! Definitely want to get that for my boyfriend since that's his favorite level and boss fight! also where are our official Brütal Legend faction shirts already >8T
  10. feddle why did you post that omfg this looks SO GOOD NGHGHH my usual sandwiches are either A) a plain turkey, cheese ((usually sharp cheddar, but other cheeses will do as well)), and mayonnaise sandwich, or B) a breakfast sandwich of egg, sausage/bacon, and cheese. Tuna sandwiches and grilled cheeses are also favorites, and I've been trying to get more into meatball subs. I am plain and boring and and yes I know I don't like anything GREEN on my sandwiches haha
  11. man I really really love Scott's concept art style. Like, his simple watercolor pieces are always fun, but the stuff he does for concept art is just...so much more interesting to me! D, G, J, K... man all of the first page I love the designs for! L, O, and P are also favorites!
  12. Kenji always struck me as more of a Harry Potter reference than Sasha; a very strange Harry Potter at that 8Tc but he's still one of my favorites no matter haha~ also I really wish they had the time to add the kenji path in the game that would have been so great sigh :<
  13. auughhhh I really wish I could go D: oh the woes of being 3 hours away and not even thinking of getting tickets oh well, hope everyone that's going has a fun time! There better be some highlights videos showing up afterwards! also that print looks amaziiiiing~
  14. How has "The Pixar Story" not been mentioned yet!? it's seriously one of my favorite docs for one of my favorite movie companies! really though, give it a watch if you enjoy anything Pixar!
  15. Yes, thanks for the info Steve! Guess the hunt is still on! Sorry, Dorky! because of this new info, I'm gonna call whatever #41 is "#0" for now since I'd have to switch a bunch of stuff around if I wanted to keep the same layout.
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