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  1. I had the option to get it repeated, so it must be a bug.
  2. The second time you go down the vent to visit Marek... If you use the Grabbin Gary on the Boom Arm Controls before you speak with Marek, a scene will play, but Shay is not were he's supposed to be so he's is not in view of the screen (See picture). EDIT: I can confirm that this also happens after you speak with Marek, so it must be a wrong placement of camera. It looks like it thinks that Shay is next to Marek, and not at the Boom Arm Controls
  3. Hi! I've made a Spotify playlist of the songs used in Brütal Legend. It's not complete, because not all the music is available on Spotify. Link: http://open.spotify.com/user/116512416/playlist/1NmDPMUBMlvssOOuf0s5ok
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