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  1. Vella Cosplay

    Yay! This is so great
  2. Double Fine Head Lander Badge

    Wow! This is getting crazy Tiffa!
  3. Double Fine Head Lander Badge

    Oh! Very Nice!
  4. LPBB Video Games World Tour [updated]

    HaHa! You folks are awesome.

    is this Levi's work? Yup! Bing!

    HaHa! Cut,It,Out.... I was worried That title would confuse just about everyone
  7. Finished Broken age....and thus.

    Awesome! Great color scheme!
  8. I think it's like a Rubik's Cube, doing it any other way would be cheating. It does feel like cheating, but once you're used to it you just can't go back. See Levi does it too! Oh no! I don't open my Bananas like that. I just know you CAN. I still do it the hard way so as to not look like a Complete weirdo.
  9. Fake for a Full Throttle HD remake

    This is Awesome work!!
  10. Double Fine Homebrew

    Very Cool! Here at DF we have an ale club and a few people here that Brew! I just finished an English IPA Made by Andy here at work. Maybe a Black Lake Imperial stout or porter?!
  11. Broken Age Fan Art

    This is awesome!
  12. Happy Birthday, Double Fine!

    Woo Hoo! 13years! Thanks you guys.
  13. Black Lake runs in 3D

    SoCool! Thanks for posting the play-through. I always thought Black Lake would rule on the 3DS, This is even better!
  14. New wallpapers: Scientist and Knight areas

    I did the Scientist one. That file was huge! Took me 25 seconds every time I wanted to save!
  15. Black Lake Art

    I'm going to start moving Team Black Lake art posts to this new thread. It can Also be a place to share your own art inspired by the ideas in the prototype. Sharing art is the BEST! Especially if its Papier-mâché or Knitting! Here's a fox model sheet to kick this off!...
  16. Hey awesome Backers! Concept art might be one of my favorite things in the world. My name is Levi and I’m doing art for Reds. I’m also a backer, so I’ve pretty much paid myself to do what I love to do! Today we are throwing out a big range of art that has been done so far for Reds. The things here may or may not end up in the final game in this form, but nonetheless are awesome to see. So check it out! Art by Tim (guess which one that is), Bagel, Peter, Scott and me. Thanks for checking em’ out. These pieces were a small selection from the folders and folders of ideas that we have at this point for reds. Hope we can share more with you somewhere down the line.
  17. Just noticed this. Do you have an example of a documentary that follows the development of a creative work and isn't like this? I was trying to come up with one and came up blank. For documentaries about filmmaking that go beyond the PR-puff/mutual-appreciation stuff that normally gets made as DVD filler, take a look at Werner Herzog's My Best Fiend (about his dramatic working relationship w/ Klaus Kinski) and I suppose also Hearts of Darkness, about the troubled making of Apocalypse Now. (I'm using 'dramatic' and 'troubled' with considerable understatement.) Oh, and Lost in La Mancha, also worth seeing for the remnants it preserves of a film that never got made—Terry Gilliam's adaptation of Don Quixote starring Johnny Depp. It was intended to be a making of, but became an unmaking of, all the world's bad luck falling on the film until production was completely shut down. I haven't found the other episodes too 'PR-like' at all, it might just be that there isn't always conflict, that the underbelly isn't always that dark, and that's fine: seeing the process as it actually is—whether gliding along smoothly or hitting a patch of turbulence—has been really interesting, thank you everyone involved in putting it all together. Hearts of Darkness is awesome! I like it better than Apocalypse Now. Lost in LaMancha was crazy, So much crap went wrong! Orson Wells also totally failed at an attempt to make a Quixote film.
  18. Black Lake - Prototype Reactions

    Thanks for all the great feedback everyone!
  19. BlackLake Links

    Edge-Online! http://www.edge-online.com/features/works-in-progress-hands-on-with-double-fines-amnesia-fortnight-prototypes/
  20. The credits at the end of the prototype fly by pretty fast so thought I'd post em' here too. Black Lake Prototype a Double Fine Production Team Black Lake Levi Ryken – Project Lead - Concept Art, Story, Design, Materials, Climates, Telling people to do things. David Farrell – Senior Programmer - Tended vines, Graphics programming Duncan Boehle – Associate Programmer - Player Controls, UI and Gameplay Programming Bert Chang – Programmer – Gameplay John Swisshelm – Designer / Programmer - Wearer of Hats Emily Johnstone – Artist – Art and stuff Allison Thomas – Office Manager - Drew stuff, looked up symbols Lydia Choy – Senior Tech Artist - VFX, Shaders, Climates, Lighting, Coffee Drinking Adrian Melian – Associate Tech Artist - Character Rigging, Simulation and Animation. Putting out Maya fires (studio wide). Handsome. Kjeld Pedersen – Environment Artist - Made characters, became fox-obsessed, wore x-mas fox sweater Rhandy Cruz – Senior Environment Artist Jeremy Natividad – Environment Artist - GrumpyCat.jpg Elliott Roberts – Senior Animator Brian Correia - Music and Sound Designer Daniel Pangelina – QA Lead Anna Kipnis – Awesome Voice acting Corpus Callosum - Accordion Brent Andrew Shinn – IT Manger – made funny noises with a stringed instrument. Wild Hunt - Intro Music ...Thanks Tim.
  21. 2PP AF Daily Videos

    Ha Ha! "All work and no Beer make Levi Something, Something!...."
  22. Black Lake: Voting Discussion Thread

    Very Cool! I wanted crazy mushrooms to erupt from the ground as a precursor to the giant thorns growing but time ran out. Awesome art man.