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  1. Dear Sexy Double Fine, I'm a big supporter of the amnesia fortnight concept and everything it represents. I love the fact that fans can have a say on what they would like to see created and possibly play. I have already voted on a few from this years list and I'm looking forward to what comes about from last years prototypes, Black Lake all the way for me. It is really hard to see any other gaming company coming close to level of dedication for its fans quite like Double Fine. Since the company is so closely involved with the community I thought that Double fine in the near future should host a Amnesia Fannight. A contest for fans to have a time frame to pitch an idea or game concept, and present in any form available to them and have the fine people of Double Fine to choose the top 10 or 15 to go into fan voting to choose what games have a chance to make it into production. I know what I may be asking it a lot but I feel like Double Fine can do something no other company can do and that is putting the creativity in the hands of fans. Keep up the damn fine work fellas. MG
  2. The game can be an entire play on the word introvert. The main character is originally an introverted man who slowly begins to have feeling and compassion for something other than himself. Through unseen events he, or a team, discover an underworld utopia that is filled with wonder and life. After a tour of the world it is said that a cataclysmic event, through their own greed and self worship the world is beginning to introvert around them. Our main hero must think of a way to help these people and save the world. I get this sounds more like a pitch. Oh well maybe there are some ideas in there for you heh.
  3. A 10 year anniversary edition may not be that far off if you know what I'm saying. Okay maybe 3 years off but plenty of time right?
  4. Is anybody else really interested in a Psychonauts HD remake? I'm talking higher resolution texture maps and and more detail to the worlds. I'm not saying to change them or anything. I'm thinking added effects, foliage, reflections. subtle tweets to bring a fantastic game into the HD era. I know the PC version has the higher resolution for the game, but I want higher resolution textures. I would buy it for the 4th time just for that.
  5. It's a great hunt and find game using pictures. They have multiple challenges that effect the out come and its a wonder full game to play with friends and children both on the Ipad and on the board. I think there should be more Double fine board games. I would buy them just as much as I bought most of the merchandise from the store. (big fan lol)
  6. I personally want to see tons or bonuses, unlockables, Easter eggs, animated shorts. I also want to see plenty of references to other double fine products hidden through out as well. Simple things such as Richard Horvitz voicing a character in Brutal Legend wearing Raz's goggles. I love things like that thrown in there. With other great games as like Grim Fandango, Psychonauts, Full throttle, stacking, costume quest, Iron Brigade, monkey island, brutal legend. I want to see elements hidden through out for me to find and squeal over. Subtlety is key.
  7. I feel that with all the amazing comics, characters and designs double fine has produced over the years that a Double fine pictureka would be awesome. I would certainly purchase the board game or any app download. The illustrations fit so well with the game. Do you think think there should be a pictureka double fine edition?
  8. Actively working on joining gaming industry myself. Going to school to understand the in and outs of what it takes to produce games. Working on my masters and when I finally complete, my goal is to create my own studio.
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