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  1. Right in the beggining of the game, when Vella enters her house and the lights are lit, there's a scene where Vella's sister pulls her and her neck appear in front of her chin... I'm attaching a picture with the scene It was repeatable, I restarted the game and it happened again... My specs: Windows 7 x64 with all updates Intel Core i5 750 6 GB RAM Geforce GTX 670 with 332.21 WHQL drivers Awesome game, I've just started playing it and I'm loving it!! The art is beautiful! As everything else! Thanks DF!! :-)
  2. I'm from Brazil The package was sent August 3rd, and arrived yesterday. The tube was closed, but the lids were unsealed. I guess it's because customs open it to check the contents. I want to believe that the shirt wasn't actually sent, but I've heard cases of items being stolen on our customs offices, unfortunately, so anything could have happened. I'll contact Fan Gamer and see what they can do to help me... Thanks a lot for your reply, have a great day!
  3. Mine arrived yesterday, but it came without the shirt!!! Now I don't know if this parcel was sent without the shirt, or if it was stolen on customs... I've heard cases of shipments getting "lost" on customs office, and never reaching its destination. Im fearing for the worse, and I'm really sad... The shirt was the gift I was most looking forward to... Do you guys know which department in Double Fine I should contact about the subject?
  4. My first adventure games were brazillian text adventure games on the MSX personal computer. I just don't remember their names... I think one of those was called "Serra Pelada" (a famous gold mining region here in Brazil, where there were a lot of conflicts in its days) My first GRAPHICAL adventure game was Secret of Monkey Island, and what a fitting first game it was!! It made me fall in love with the genre! I also remember King's Quest 5 and Space Quest 4 as the first batch of adventure games I played (alongside Monkey Island)
  5. Telltale "Sam & Max" Series (Season 3 was the best, because it had some new and inventive game mechanics that the other 2 seasons didn't have) Telltale Tales of Monkey Island (I'm in love with the Monkey Island series since its beginnings) Pendulo Studios "The Next Big Thing" (the 2D backgrounds are really beautiful, and I think they're a good reference material for Double Fine's new adventure) King Art "Book of Unwritten Tales" (EXCELLENT adventure game. A lot of people don't know about it) These are the adventure games that stood out the most for me recently... EDIT: How could I forget Amanita Design's Machinarium?! It's a lovely game, beautiful graphics, great soundtrack, and I also really liked the puzzles
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