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      After more than a decade of serving this community well, these forums have finally run their course and it's time to close them down. That doesn't mean we want to close the doors on our community, quite the opposite!
      Our discord server grows ever busier by the day, and we encourage all Double Fine fans to meet us over there www.discord.gg/doublefine In a short time these forums will become a read only archive and will remain that way until they become needed again.
      You never know, it might happen.  There is... a prophecy. Thank you all for being part of these forums, and remember that the fun is definitely not over - so please join us on Discord! Love ya, Spaff, Tim, Info Cow, and all of Double Fine.


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  1. Grammar error on Steam page

    I'm going to refer to all grammar errors as bugs from now on!
  2. You can download full 720p versions of all the episodes from vimeo if you have a video downloader browser extension. That way, you can get the entire series including blurs. No need to rely on anybody else to release the blurred version
  3. POLL: Are there too many polls?

    I was once at a fire station, and I took a poll. But then everyone fell through a hole in the ceiling.
  4. I'm a bit confused.. why is this forum readable without being logged in? is this the secret forum? I used the same email as I used for kickstarter. maybe its not online yet...I'd hate to be missing any secret discussions!
  5. is this the secret backer forum?

    Oh wait, never mind. I found it. it's at: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewforum/39/ I've been hunting for days, only able to use my mobile phone, and I didn't see the secret backers area. Oh well, I'll just have to make up for lost time by posting loads!