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  1. Here too ($100)... So that's it... really thank you very much Double Fine
  2. Come on Double Fine, pleaaase... Others Kickstarters have do it.. Jane Jensen's Moebius/GK, Dreamfall Chapters, The Book of Unwritten Tales 2, even Republique distributed GOG keys within the Humble account. Others did it by emailing support for the key, or trading our steam one for a gog one.. So.. Please DF.. I dont need a Steam key nor Ouya one, could you just keep mine in exchange for a GOG one? Pretty please? Pretty please with sugar on top? ^.^ ...
  3. It would be a pity to have the sidequests as external downloads, instead of being part of the documentary "jewel case". I wouldn't mind making an extra $ effort for them being properly added. Plus, I have a few questions for 2PP ... How many discs are planned? DVD/Bluray? Region free? We will be asked for which version we want or deliver both? Are you going to pack every episode or make one single edited documentary? Obviously I would prefer to have everything that has been published on disc when I open my box, not a cutted version nor to have a code to use on any website (that could cease to exists in the future). It seems there will be 20 episodes. So for around 20 hours of documentary at 21 Mbps and 50GB bluray you could make it with 4 discs (let it be 5 discs and add the sidequests or put them at 720p). There is about no "action" in there... on VBR it should compress really well So, (bitrate calculator at hand xDDD) please think about it
  4. Don't worry... It will be a two pieces box as stated by admin Spaff : I just hope it will keep the DOTT size too.
  5. Well, I voted vertical because it always bothered me that Full Throttle's box, being Horizontal while ALL the others are not ... But what really annoyed me were The Dig, Grim, Monkey 3/4 and newer Lucasarts boxes using a bigger (!!), 1 part and worse quality box. Today they are in far worse condition than the classic 2 part boxes just from opening them from the top flap. Anyway... it's ok, really... if it's vertical great! If horizontal... cool too!! It would be cooler if it comes with a reversible poster Horizontal/Vertical... just saying xDDD
  6. The Spanish box of Full Throttle was Horizontal too, but with the same size than the rest of Lucas classics (until The Dig, that barely fits my shelve xDD ) ...
  7. Ohh... it's a pity, anyway thanks! Hmmm and how is the quality of the store shirts? I'm thinking on buying the Broken Age too, and I really liked the quality of the backer one
  8. Talking about the rewards... is it possible to buy another backer tshirt?
  9. They said no a long ago... For me, as ghost shell said, they can revoke my steam key for a GOG one.
  10. Thanks for the episode!! That's been a great watch! (or the second biggest ) Anyway... Just don't take us (backers) and the general game media so serious... I mean, the game is a great experience, beautiful and lovely. Period. And yep, I loved the animation work on it... normally you don't see this commented but it impressed me. So good work, and go for Act 2... PS. Those fanarts were awesome!!
  11. I have exactly 3 games on Steam... The Cave, Broken Age beta and The Banner Saga... And on GOG I have 79 games... being adventure games 59 of them... so... I would also prefer to have the GOG key for the DRM free download... I backed for the big box anyway, but I think it would look nice on my digital shelf as well hehe
  12. For me, yep... The game needs a Megamonkey mode My first adventure game was Fate of Atlantis with 13 yo... From there, I went to all Lucasarts catalog, a few Sierra series (like Space Quests, Larrys), and a few conversational games (although my English level was sooo poor)... and played every adventure I have the chance to pick until now, so maybe I'm a bit more trained that it should be vs the global market, but not vs people here, at the backer forum. So it surprised me how easy BA is, compared to the classic? no... compared to ANY adventure I played on the last 20 years. You get a lot of objects by just ASKING... can I have this? Yep... and can I have this other thing? yep... On normal adventures, if you want something, you need to trade it for this other object, that you can't have until you talk this other person that gives that thing that opens the... blablabla... Or, in case of BA, just "hey Curtis, can I have your wall art?.... Sure why not... just keep it" ¬_¬ And begginers can play hard adventures anyway... My wife recently played her first adventure. It was Fate of Atlantis... and now we are playing Gemini Rue (great game, by the way) and she doesn't have any problem so don't worry if you think a harder game is not suitable for you, it is. Anyway... This part I, was a great experience. I loved everything about it.. ok, there was no challenge at all, but I loved it anyway for all the other things (story, dialogs, graphics and music). But I would like to have a easy+hard mode... there is so much room clever, logical and difficult ramping puzzles. If not, all those that backed an adventure game like in the old times (like Grim Fandango or Dott), will not get it.
  13. Hey guys, remember... this is for localization bugs Vella ceremonial dress graphic reads "A tu disposicion"... and it should be "A tu disposición" (the last "o" with accent). And in the case of the green ceremonial dress, the graphic reads "¡Délicia!" ("¡Delish!") it should be without accent on the "e" = "¡Delicia!"... In general the translation is quite good! I'm going to replay it just to see if I find something new...
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