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  1. If a puzzle game taking place on the (early) internet sounds interesting to you you might want to google a free game called Digital: A Love Story. Edit: The maker of Digital also made another game called Don't Take It Personally, Babe, It Just Ain't Your Story. It has a little less to do with the internet than Digital but it might appeal to you more. In DTIPBIJAYS you play the part of a teacher that spies on his students private communications on some sort of special school internet which includes a private message system, a pseudo facebook, and a pseudo 4chan. Yes memes and net slang are abundant in the game. Also a little nudity just a heads up.
  2. I tend to use cheats/walkthroughs to actually beat a game as a last resort. I give up on a game more often than I resort to cheats though.
  3. I never thought of it that way myself. When I played Portal 2 with my buddy I'd get some of the puzzles and he'd get some of the puzzles. Neither of us were bothered by that. I guess it's a glass half full type of mentality there.
  4. Excessive math puzzles that result in a silly answer like 0 or 1. It makes those of us who aren't math whizzes feel really dumb when it takes us awhile to figure them out (possibly with the aid of a calculator). And on the flip side most of the time there's no "ah ha!" moment when they're solved quickly.
  5. Part of the reason I decided to back the project is because I'd have access to these private forums. It's part of the reward. I wouldn't be upset if non-backers were allowed to read these forums but IMO only backers should be able to post here. :-/
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