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  1. Oliver jokes about royalties... does DF pay leads or teammembers royalties on games? I'm super curious how that works, in broad strokes. Sorry if that's too personal a question.
  2. Great idea. I've enjoyed watching the documentary unfold - it became something really special. It's worth sharing as widely as possible.
  3. DUDE: Your tone makes you a candidate for the 'dramatic Youtube comment readings' genre. Maybe no one else was interested in the expensive process of remastering a game that was only a middling success when it came out. Maybe without this deal we would have nothing, but with this deal we'll eventually have a cross-platform version of Grim Fandango without the stupid tank controls. From where I stand this is a major win for one of my favorite games (and it's so cool that Doublefine is involved, since I assume the IP is all Disney/Lucasarts and they could remaster it without DF or Tim's involvement at all).
  4. austinstorm


    I really liked PataNoir - kudos!
  5. That post was great! Thank you for taking the time.
  6. I had almost an identical crash: during the fight I shot three tentacles, and then when I shot the fourth one it crashed. I loaded the game again, and it immediately crashed again. But then I was able to load it and it worked fine. This is all post-patch, but my save file was started before the crash.
  7. Oh weird, I did miss Gus entirely on my first playthrough as well. I didn't recognize his voice, so I didn't even think there was missed interaction there.
  8. I'm not sure if Hack 'n' Slash will teach you to be a better programmer, but you should try Code Combat: http://codecombat.com/ Also, I love the art style of Hack 'n' Slash - really great.
  9. I love the stuff from the mechanic - great metaphor. Anyone who's done a major creative project can relate to these moments. My wife and I started a secondhand clothing store, and in a fit of enthusiasm before opening we knocked out the entire entrance of our building to replace it with barnwood beams and old windows. Of course this led to weeks of sleepless nights as we struggled to meet self-imposed deadlines while spending money instead of making money. It all worked out in the end, but it's hard not to remember that feeling.
  10. I'm going to do that - not because of replay value, but because I'm getting sentimentally attached to the knight and hillbilly. Not the twins, though... they're creepy.
  11. What type of controller are you using?
  12. Wow, you guys fixed that fast. Brave new world, this.
  13. I thought I would be frustrated with the three separate player mechanic since I play on PC and don't have any controllers that would work with it. But I haven't encountered anything particularly vexing yet.
  14. My windows laptop is about a year and a half old, and to my knowledge just has a built-in AMD graphics chip, so I expected some latency issues. At first I was disappointed - frame rates were so low that it was difficult to do any area that felt "platform-y", and changing the resolution didn't help. After a little messing around, I turned the resolution back to my laptop's native resolution, and instead I turned off FXAA. That was all it took - dramatic performance boost. Hope that helps some folks! I just finished the knight's area and am loving the game.
  15. Ditto - I'd love to stream the daily wrap-ups from Vimeo instead of having to download each episode.
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