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    well my favorite game is psychonauts, and dead rising and kingdom hearts and zelda, yep oh and i have a youtube channle also, my username on youtube is psychonautsmaster, if you have a youtube account and like psychonuats then please add me as a friend on youtube and subscrube!
  1. That was nearly exactley my idea, the things I NEEEEEEEEEEEED are; All the merit badges, Raz's goggles (and hopefully his hat too ), and a fake ticket to whispering rock... Man I want to go there who dosent?
  2. i had a dream that i got project natale and milo but it wasnt me taking to milo.....it was that creepy old guy from family guy herbert talking to milo. i think milo is herberts dream come true
  3. give it one last chance? you didnt like it? HOW IS THIS POSSIBAL?!?!?!?!
  4. thats was pretty f*ckings fretardeds. ........it was just random
  5. It is rated M is my country Yeah, you're from Australia if I remember, I heard they rated Tetris an AO and banned it for its violence. Seriously, why do governments think its a good idea to infringe on people's rights? That won't keep me from visiting some time, but as for living there? I'll stick with the states, thanks. Well our M rating doesnt mean the same as the american M rating (ours is sort of the equilvelent to your PG13+) but yes... we are a nanny state when it comes to games, we ban pretty much everything here i feel bad that you guys had left 4 dead 2 cencoerd :down:
  6. another random youtube video time!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SI92QZsLDIY&feature=sub
  7. hey guys, what would it be like if psychonauts was rated M?
  8. A lot now, How many boards would the Mongols hoard if the Mongols horde got bored ummmmm 52.....?
  9. how much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood
  10. oh boy a curcis! i can't wait to see the clow throwing a bunch of butcher kifes wile standing on bottle of vodca balancing on a unicorne going down from chocolat moutain while singing frank sanatra!
  11. ok than just go to the link and get started
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