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  1. Sweet Justice was my last. I finished the current game and he's sitting at level 5 right now.
  2. Back Up: Basically a Super Hero that's a mix of Bulldozer and Wrestler. Key feature, reversed head. Would be funny to see his basic melee attack, AKA a back kick. Specials could be a sky high body slam or a honk (based on a more truck design).
  3. That would be a sweet bonus. What I meant was during the Performance Review, all I see it experience. It would help to see their current health so I knew then who to rest and who can go into the next mission.
  4. Which Hero was your number one? Galaxy Girl was my start.
  5. A few things I keep running into: Would like more information displayed • AKA My heroes are back from a mission, I see them level up, but not their health. • I'm picking a hero for missions, I see their abilities, but no level. I keep sending in the same high level heroes and the little guys stay little Limited • I find I'm switching back and forth between heroes. Very limited in what can be done in the office with only 4 heroes around. Might be cool to have side kicks that only work in the office with the manager who could upgrade into heroes. Robin is Evolving.... It's Nightwing!! Otherwise, yup, love the game!
  6. Ah...I should read the details more, that was it exactly.
  7. Putting the vote in for Mac (even if I'll likely play it on console).
  8. Missions: • I liked the fire and bus missions. What about a mission that has your super dive under water or fly into space and is rated around their health. • Story mission where you go into an alternative dimension and your hero's are the bad guys and you fight the good bad guys...bad good guys.... yeah Heroes: • The Green Hopper (grasshopper boy like Robin) could work as melee or range • Big Step (a giant set of legs that go past the top of the screen only show boots and knees) for melee. • Aunt I. (anti hero Aunt or Ant) Melee • Rubber Band Launcher, range. Villains: • PURPLE TENTACLE
  9. Been really enjoying the game. Love all the DF touches and Easter Eggs. Only noticed 2 bugs that get in the way. • I don't see many of the animations play out. AKA Serge Girls group attack just makes dust, no bolts. Plus when I upgrade the old super dude to his new suit and had his work out on the punching bag, when he went through his punch animation he would lose his glove for one frame. • This one might be on me, but during the Dragon fight (4000 HP) my supers health bobs around, but mostly stays full. By about the 5th or 6th stomp they all flop. Am I missing something or is this a bug? Either way, another great product from DF. You guys always stand out for your work and I love you for that.
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