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  1. Ouch, hope that goes well. The overwhelming majority on reddit appear to be pretty vehement doublefine-haters.
  2. Should we expect one last documentary episode? Something like the retrospective episode at the end of Act 1, but more final. I'm sad that I won't be able to look forward to more 2PP documentary episodes anytime soon, but I'd still like to see one more!
  3. If you follow Lee Petty on twitter, you'll see that there were some cut musical puzzles: I'm a little glad there weren't too many sound puzzles. I'm pretty much tone deaf and the piano puzzle in Myst was *way* harder for me than most other people.
  4. I'll say it once and I'll say it again - $15.00 for the documentary alone was a steal. That I got a pretty good adventure game too is just gravy.
  5. Woe is me, I paid 15 dollars for a full adventure game, a (so far) 16 episode in-depth documentary series on the making of the adventure game, a huge number of in-depth posts to the forums about the making of the game, and regular updates about the production status. Come on, this is by far the best value for 15 dollars I've *ever* spent on *anything*. I hope the doublefine people reading the forums don't get upset when they see comments like this.
  6. There's a lengthy, detailed interview with Tim Schafer up on the second half of this week's joystiq podcast. Lots of spoilers, some insight on puzzle design, even some coverage of how the game's difficulty was decided on. Listen to it here: http://www.joystiq.com/2014/01/17/super-joystiq-podcast-081-tim-schafer-interview-broken-age-ri/
  7. And the configuration option is a little bit hard to find. Did anything change in the options between now and when you first opened up broken age?
  8. I've been aimlessly clicking things on the main menu for about a half hour now. Can't seem to trigger anything that looks like a puzzle.
  9. Tim did say in the documentary that they're planning on making Act 2 a bit harder.
  10. Now I'm even more intrigued. Tried my best attempt at pixel-hunting in the main menu. No dice.
  11. The game is awesome! Just curious about a couple of special features: 1. Oliver showed off the fake 8-bit mode at one point during the documentary. Can it be turned on in the beta build? 2. Pretty silly I know, but is it possible to change the subtitle and dialogue font? I've seen the old-school LucasArts font being used in the documentary - was that only added as a bit of an inside joke? EDIT: see the hint I got about this from Oliver and Anna:
  12. Having just played it for the past hour, it's fast, smooth, and very stable besides some minor visual glitches.
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