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  1. Really happy with the first act, steam tells me I had the game open for 9 hours! Just the 2PP video content alone was worth my buy-in but to get a game on-top of it as well, as polished as it is! I'm impressed I agree that some of the puzzles were a little mundane, and the ones I did get stuck on were simple red-herrings. But there haven't been adventure games out in the market for some years, and this one is probably focused towards a younger audience who don't have that wealth of experience. Overall, terrific effort - Congratulations and thank you double fine!
  2. DLC would be perfect for this game, I'd love to see some more brain-teasers like the Monk and the Time Traveller puzzles. It feels like The Cave was just an introduction to the idea so that they could expand upon the puzzle systems and complexity even further.
  3. I'd say it's probably down to a lack of time or budget. The Cave seems to the content they've been releasing recently and even though they might have written or concepted a lot more ideas theres just not enough time to take all of it to a highly polished doublefine standard.
  4. We also discovered this bug and spent over an hour trying all possibilities, even unable to complete the level after following a video guide on youtube. PC Steam 2 Controllers, 1 keyboard. Twins, Time Traveller, Monk. In the past push the boulder to the right half way up the hill (the location needs to be perfect other wise it wont smash) Whilst still holding onto the boulder switch to the present character and crank the shaft, If there is a broken smashed boulder on the right you can progress, if not try again. Hold down the action button while swapping. Go to the future and if you're lucky and i mean REALLY LUCKY the bucket will spawn and not glitch out and disappear inexplicably. Hope this helps, Good luck!
  5. You're right, i think it does need some kind of twist, but perhaps that element will reveal itself when different bosses have been introduced. I think planned stategy, tactics & team execution will do wonders to increase the feeling of accomplishment rather than just bashing his head in.
  6. I gotta say, this is incredibly well polished for a PROTOTYPE, three hero classes, online multiplayer. Awesome! I've not played monster hunter before but i'm sure there's space for a similar game type to play with your friends on steam. It's gameplay was actually quite reminiscent of Darksouls, the only thing missing was the lock-on to target button (a feature one doesn't usually expect from a prototype) I played with the gamepad, it had kinda odd placement and each character had different button placements that werent immediately obvious but it played pretty well. Biggest problem i found was the boss stuns, perhaps the boss can warn you before he attacks and give you a decent chance to get away. I didnt know where the weak point was and every part of the body was dealing equal amounts of damage, I couldent find a safe spot to stand either i stood by the tail and got tail swiped The animation was incredible and really well polished. I'm hoping you guys develop a beta patch release schedule i'm sure the community will be right behind you.
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