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  1. We'll fit as much as we can on it. Maybe after everything is over, do a $10 bonus disk with a bunch of stuff that wouldn't fit
  2. Yuffiwa

    To the PC!

    Sooooo... Why didn't you guys put a trailer on the PC steam version store page? I want to see what the gameplay is like before I buy it, not just still shots! Here's the steam page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/115120 I'm certain you guys have videos/trailers from this game kicking around, upload a couple to the steam store page
  3. 4:05 A shot of Ticket to Ride, a fun board game (oddly enough, this has recently appeared at places like Target, making it one of the few that they carry thats worth playing) Edit: Figured I'd add some links if anyone wants to find out more. http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/9209/ticket-to-ride Board game geek entry on the game. BGG is a website with everything you ever wanted to know and then some about board games. TTR is a fun family game for 2-5 players. Way way way more fun than monopoly, and takes less than an hour to play. Incidentally, if you have a BGG account, you can get free online access to play the game online. Here's the official website on the game: http://www.daysofwonder.com/tickettoride/en/ I think they have an ipad (and iphone?) version of this game on the app store too.
  4. Thanks for the post! Its very interesting to read details like this. I think you linked the wrong redbot link at the very end of the post, its not animating like the others
  5. When comparing fps rates across a variety of equipment, there also may be interaction with pulldown issues and NTSC vs PAL vs native film speed. So there may be actual visual differences, not just an illusory effect. I wonder how much difference there would be in viewing the various types of speeds on a 120hz monitor.
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