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  1. Well. Looking back at a whole "scale up, need money" thing - I wouldn't mind you starting another kickstarter for more content really. I've chipped in with what, 20 bucks, and I've got myself amazing documentary about hurdles of (game development) croudfunding. Same goes for Early Access. And that shitstorm wasn't THAT bad. People got a peek on what goes on, even though it was wrong perspective, and got Broken Age into news. It's not "bad PR" if source didn't get context figured out.
  2. Why not go all the way? Double Fine's "The Double Fine Adventure" Adventure (presented by Double Fine).
  3. My copy of Psychonauts (steam) has that bink library. Try it, currently installing my copy of BL.
  4. Not really. A miner and His Three Carts for example would be easy to make much less painfully slow if at the entrance of each cart chamber there would be an opportunity to gather everyone together.
  5. It's fun, it's enjoyable, it's funny, it's beatiful... ...around 30-40% of time. Other 60-70% of gameplay you have to move each hero 1 by 1 from point A to point B, without much of a challenge around same scenery you've already seen dozen of times, intead of solving puzzles and admiring scenery/new characters/funny dialogue. A grain of salt, which could've been solved easily by implementing a single "gather everyone" button. A very simple, but major flaw. I'm sorry.
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