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  1. Episode 16?

    The update from may 30 said "As always, all this is being captured on camera 2 Player Productions, and they’re hard at work on the next documentary episode. This one will detail the early days of Act 2 development and should be done in about a month!"
  2. So excited about this! A remastered version sounds great! I hope there will be a PC version w/ Tobi Pfaff's mouse control patch integrated! ( http://forums.residualvm.org/viewtopic.php?t=623 )
  3. Continuing in the vein of later Lucas-Arts adventures (like Grim Fandango) seems pretty old school to me? Grim Fandango was made 15 years ago ...
  4. Also GDC came right after AF; I'm sure a lot of DF was busy with that.
  5. The Wicked End

    I tried to do that, and somehow big leg ended up outside the house but he glitched out and just repeatedly tried to tell me to open the door to the house.
  6. Chat Intelligence

    Cool! Glad to hear such a positive opinion of ChatScript -- now I want to try playing with it too
  7. Chat Intelligence

    Really curious to hear the LPBB team's opinion of ChatScript. If you guys have the opportunity to make LPBB a full project, do you think you'll stick with ChatScript?

    Saw this on twitter: https://twitter.com/dskillsaw/status/440763372531773440/photo/1 The materials are looking super good now!
  9. Successful or No?

    - http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2014-02-21-tim-schafer-how-to-stay-afloat-in-a-pool-of-internet-twitter-hate
  10. One practical view is: A prototype is done when you can see, based on the prototype, whether or not it's worth turning into a full production.
  11. HEY please inspire us with weird games

    Oh wow Laurie Anderson made a game!? Her music is great. More games: Windosill: http://windosill.com/online/ In general, Vectorpark's stuff is cool. Fun, surprising interactive toys ... Fly Guy: http://www.trevorvanmeter.com/flyguy/
  12. HEY please inspire us with weird games

    Weird Egg & Crushing Finger: http://www.freeindiegam.es/2014/01/weird-egg-crushing-finger-mason-lindroth/ ^ You manipulate a land of tiny people with your finger rara racer: http://www.increpare.com/2008/12/rara-racer/ ^ best / funniest "live narration" game murder dog iv: http://harmonyzone.org/MurderDogIV.html mMaMWRo-zEo ^ murder dog is on trial! crypt worlds: http://cicadamarionette.com/Games/CryptWorlds/Main.html v81EvbBMe9o pale machine: http://www.freeindiegam.es/2014/02/pale-machine-ben-esposito-bo-en/ ^ playable music video with a very cool style ultra business tycoon: http://aliendovecote.com/uploads/twine/tycoon/crime.html ^ twine game about playing an old, mysterious PC shareware game
  13. Act 2 will actually be a prequel focusing entirely on Spoon, and Spoon's training to serve Shay. It will also reveal the story of Knife. Shay and Vella will not appear.