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  1. update worked. it was tricky. on certain machines, you cannot manually update the driver. i am on a sony vaio. going to the intel website to get the driver will tell you that you cannot update the driver. go to the sony website with your model number and update there.
  2. i am not a computer guy. it says when i type in dxdiag intel HD graphics (core i5)
  3. I can't. Broken Age just crashes after clicking new game.
  4. The man is crying. I am the man. I tried re-install, drivers, integrity check, re-boot, overlay off... ne marche pas. Wtf? Intel HD graphics. make it better! crashes after clicking 'new game' edit: going to bed. you broke my heart, you broke my heart.
  5. It's interesting to see it done so synthetically. No arguing the results, that's for sure.
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