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  1. I add my vote for a public read-only archive.
  2. Actually, I totaly agree with the player who didn't understand why he needed shoes. I thinks this dialogue should be enabled only after Vella talks to Car'l about shoes... Currently, it just might feel like a "plot hole" or something.
  3. Not really. They simply can disable the dialog lines about the shoes, until Vella talks to Car'l.
  4. The suggestion haven't got any respone from the team, so I guess the change won't happen..
  5. The problem is still there in the last update. Marek's head is flickering when he reaches the word "safe".
  6. It is possible to ask the maiden in meriloft for her shoes before talking to the shoe maker. It seems strange to me, because the Vella doesn't even know yet she needs cloud shoes; I would enable this dialog only after she's spoken to the shoe maker about cloud shoes. It would make the meriloft part a bit harder, and the story more coherent.
  7. If Vella still has lines to record, maybe the lines referencing Alex can be re-recorded to not mention him by name? I agree too. It's really strange to have characters suddenly just knowing stuff; it breaks the continuity of the game...
  8. I noticed that also, but I think they've fixed it. It wasn't like that when I checked that again today...
  9. It was already reported here: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/11729/
  10. That's the idea of donating money: you donated money because you trusted Tim Schafer and Double Fine to create a great game. If you don't like the result and feel cheated - simply avoid donating to them again. Getting back a donation, on the other hand, is not a reasonable thing to ask.
  11. The beta was leaked. You can find it in all big torrent websites. Of course it was leaked by a backer, yet it doesn't make any sense. Why would a backer, who probably supports the developers and wants them and the game to succeed, would crack and leak the game? To make it clear; leaking a beta probably does more damage than cracking a released game. Potential buyers may just download the beta illegaly, because currently there is no other way for them to get the game, and when the game is finally available they might just skip and won't buy it because they will have already finished the game. It's true that because of this two-part release some people may still have enough motivation to buy the game to get the update when it's available; this won't be the case when Act II is released...
  12. Well, the actual problem, which is a glitch I think, is that right after the cutscene Vella is still barefooted until you make one move, and then the small shoes appear out of nowhere back on her feet.
  13. Getting the shoes from the shoe-maker AFTER getting and putting on the shoes from the feast candidate, results in showing Vella barefooted.
  14. In Meriloft, while the "camera" shows the whole center of town, click on the signpost near the ladder at the bottom. The camera will zoom and the subtitles will flicker and change their line-break positions over and over again during the zoom.
  15. After completing the quest of putting those earphones on the power source, when Shay returns to the area and get's a shield he still complains about the machine's not giving him a helmet (even though this "mission" is over with).
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