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  1. We can do suggestions in here, right? A minigame that involves rapidly coating a surface by throwing eggs at it could be awesome.
  2. There's not enough detail to know if it's intentional, but I really like how the chef's hat looks partially like a knight's helmet.
  3. Full games that originated in AF are: Trenched/Iron Brigade Costume Quest Hack N' Slash Spacebase: DF9 Autonomous for Leap Motion Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster (originally called Happy Song, and with generic monsters) Happy Action Theater (I think?) Middle Manager of Justice
  4. Mentally discount 1 from horizontal; I'm not a $100 backer and thoughtlessly voted. (Sorry!)
  5. I vote for releasing it (paid or free doesn't matter to me). Amazing job by 2PP and DF on both parts of DFA. I think it's also worth reminding people that the Kickstarter pitch was primarily for the documentary. Edit: First post!
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