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  1. that, and that there is good and bad in all of us. I also liked how there was a certain "warmth" up by the campfire where the characters were together whereas as I understand depending on your actions some didn't make the full journey up. Their dark desires got the better of them and they remained down there alone. Great sound effects, music, narration, graphics, polish. A few little bugs but nothing major. I really missed the dialog though. It was begging for dialog imo. On the other hand I can understand this as a design choice to make the game simpler. I swear I could tell that this was a Ron Gilbert game without knowing it a priori (even without chuck). Dark and funny and real. The kind of game that makes you feel good. He really should make more. Maybe even an old school adventure? Kickstart it after the release of the DFA maybe? I did 3 runs to see all the stories, my favourites being the knight, hillbilly, twins and monk. First place goes to the knight. Also, in all 3 runs I got scared at the same point at the zoo. Herman Toothrot was a nice touch
  2. Haven't you played Day of the Tentacle? It's pretty much what you're describing. Also Chrono Trigger. More of a RPG though.
  3. -Inside Schrodinger's cat box. -At an Alternate Universe Shopping Centre (that is, where you can shop for alternate realities, not just an ordinary shopping centre in an alternate universe :-) ). -Flying while sitting on a cottonwood seed. -Old appliances ghost town. -Trapped inside a book (trying to escape the story..).
  4. Well done Norbert! Amazing work.
  5. Maybe Chuckie was a bad kid and did something horrible that caused the death of his parents and then in his imagination he returns as Guybrush to try and "kill" his former self? Or is that too much? :roll:
  6. There has to be something more than that. Especially in the way Chuckie's eyes are glowing after they exit the tunnels. If the secret was revealed, I bet it would have something to do with a child's imagination.
  7. It is obviously very nice, but I would prefer an art direction more like CMI for example..
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