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  1. The Journey Down Chapter 2 is a fantastic sequel to the brief, but still very solid, first chapter. The catchy Jazz soundtrack is as soothing as before, the rooms are beautiful with detail, a rainy afro-noir city and a blooming beachside are particular treats. While I've always enjoyed the charm of the characters, what really impresses me about this series is the consistency of its puzzles. Seldom do adventure games flow so smoothly as they do here, save for that blasted final puzzle that left me scratching my head. Anyway, I wholeheartedly recommend that you check out this series. I place it in the empyrean of its genre and urge you to give it a try! Skygoblin, the devs, are currently Kickstarting the third and final chapter in the series. Give them a look, you may even snag the 2 released titles at a low price. Thanks for reading and happy playing. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/983397390/the-journey-down some tunes to whet your appetite: some screens:
  2. Gus. Up to that point I learned NOT to fall through the clouds or else I'd go through the annoying mini-cutscene of being brought back. I wish they had added a line for Gus saying something along the lines of "i feel DOWN" or something.
  3. I listened through the soundtrack but couldn't find one song that lingered with me. It was the only one that had the kazoo in it. Does anyone recall that number?
  4. What is this "Wave" bit someone mentioned? I don't recall being able to do a wave. Also, as for my favorite puzzles I actually REALLY liked the Birthday Knife one w/ gramps. Did anyone get a bit of deja vu w/ the gus quest? I mean, I wasn't able to solve it without some help but reflecting back on it, it reminds me a lot of the shovel puzzle in Monkey 2 (which was my favorite).
  5. Thought it would be nice to see what other people found heartwarming, funny, frustrating, or just meh. Favorite: -The Surprise Party: I absolutely adored Rocky's animation and I hope we get to see much more of her in act 2 Also, having her whole family there made the area feel very warm and cozy, something that contrasted very strongly w/ the very cold environs of Shay's half. -I very much enjoyed the beach map. The imagery and the music took me back to Monkey Island. Least Favorite: -I wish there were more interactions between the characters you meet. For example, I thought it was cool how we heard Gus mention that he hoped that (I think it was) Maggy missed/was worried about him but we never see him interact with her. -I also hope they make it so you can't "click" on objects that have no bearing on a puzzle more than once to hear the flavor text (e.g. the fishing rods). -I'm curious about the purpose of the snake. It seems like the game could have easily done without it. I mean, I don't recall it being essential to any of the puzzles. What were some of your highs and lows?
  6. I think everyone has some suggestions that would make Act 2 better. For instance, I don't like how they let you click on certain objects twice if they aren't critical to a puzzle. For example, if I can click on the fish guts repeatedly then I KNOW I'll have to interact with them in some form. But why have it be the same for the fishing rods if the protagonist is just going to say the SAME thing about it?
  7. I got my issue cleared with them. Steven will get you taken care of.
  8. I've emailed them as well, no word yet. I'm sure they're swamped though and will get back to me as soon as they can. Question to the other backer: did you only send back the shirt in the tube or did you send everything back as it arrived?
  9. How tolerant are they of exchanges? My shirt also fits too small but I'm not sure if it's a men's small or a women's small. I'll send them an email. Just wondering if there's anyone else out there who came upon the same discovery.
  10. Paper Sorcerer. That is all. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2088045881/paper-sorcerer
  11. I can see your point dillyz, but it's all a matter of perspective. I like the poster because it portrays the adventure babies going ON an adventure. It symbolizes the rest of us who took that leap of faith in Double Fine and on this adventure game. I'm sorry the poster failed to meet your expectations but I am certain that the box art WILL reflect the final product, which will reveal itself unto us AND Double Fine as development continues.
  12. I absolutely love the painting, still waiting on delivery!
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