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  1. Very keen to grab the pre-order : will this also be offered on the Australian PlayStation store? No mention of the game or release date as yet.
  2. Same here - I'd easily fund a similar project. The documentary has been an incredible, insightful journey. I clear my schedule when a new episode arrives just so I can sit quietly and take it in.
  3. An AMA - awesome! How is the workload scheduled - seconds of final animation per day / week? What rough output rate are you guys hitting ?
  4. As expected, that was great. Thanks for sharing
  5. Unique, beautiful, touching and intriguing. I'm very impressed. I felt I'd gotten a solid return on my backer investment by about the third video and the rest has been a glorious bonus. Bit perplexed by some of the comments here but anyhow, now I'm truly getting excited. Double Fine, you're a class act.
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