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  1. Well, I think there's lots of room for puzzle, adventure, story and beautiful art in a treehouse village. I love those.
  2. Great to hear! Out of interest, what software and settings will you be using for them? Something worth adding to the equipment catalog thread, perhaps?
  3. Thought I'd cut together JelDeRebel's comparison shot into a single gif: Handy, but I had to do some sloppy scaling (enlarged the 'original' frame to match the Kooky one), and the gif compression takes its toll, so obviously this isn't the most accurate of comparisons. It's worth noting that this is apparently a still scene, which is less trying for any encoder. I expect the difference would be larger in moving scenes, depending on how well the original holds up in those. Of course, the Kooky video could be sourced from an entirely different file, but given the file name, I doubt it. Edit: I should emphasize how much detail is lost in bringing you that gif, though, especially the frame from the original. It was first downscaled to match JDR's VLC window as he played it, then compressed in jpg form for the screenshot, then upscaled by me for the swap comparison, then finally reduced to a gif friendly 256 colours.
  4. Very interesting stuff, Tim! Do go on. ^^ I tried this a few times with a timer (five minutes is nothing when you're writing without pause, btw). Regardless of the topics I chose, I couldn't avoid focusing more on questions regarding the process itself as they came up -- there was just never any time to course correct! At first, I thought that was kind of detrimental, as I figured time was better spend creating and I'd have time to ponder the gorramn rules later. As I went back to read it after finishing, though, I found that I had actually come to several useful conclusions that I think will help me in future attempts. So, as a surprisingly solid proof of concept for a first try, I couldn't help but use the freewriting technique to improve my freewriting technique.
  5. Thanks for looking into it. I was wondering about that. And I quite agree ABR doesn't help: I'm okay with the low bitrate -- not everyone has the resources of Google, after all -- but why the funky encoding? This makes me a bit worried about the final digital download of the documentary, as I'd hate to see it go through Kooky's compression routine (regardless of resolution) before reaching me.
  6. Doesn't matter. Hardware video acceleration can, and tends to, malfunction on its own.
  7. This site embeds the video using HTML5, and not Flash like the others you mention. Your computer is using different fans and fan speeds for each implementation because it can hardware accelerate one and not the other. That is, it renders one primarily with the graphics card and one primarily with the processor. The graphics card produces more heat and its cooling is usually louder than that of the processor. The variable fan speeds of the former are also often less granular in their default configuration, which would explain why your computer sounds like it's playing Crysis when it's actually just browsing YouTube.
  8. Confirmed. At least there is no full-screen button. I don't know if there is supposed to be one. While I don't have Opera I'm guessing this is because it's not a flash player and it's restricted to the window in which it resides. Chrome switches automatically to a UI-less fullscreen mode when you press the Expand button on the player, and I guess Opera does not. Try pressing expand, then F11. I'd be interested to know if that solves it. Regarding the service itself, I thought the quality of the stream was pretty bad. Dark scenes looked the worst, but even brighter scenes suffered from motion artifacts and banding. I also noticed there's no option for 1080p, which would be preferable, but a higher bitrate to provide reliable quality at the current offered resolutions is more important. Since the site is basically just wrapping an .mp4 file, I have hope you can use your own (better) encoding settings. You've got great equipment, and I think it would be a shame if sub-par compression prevented us from reaping the benefits of that. Then again, I'm unusually picky regarding video -- especially given how others seem to react in this thread -- and there's always the bluray coming.
  9. I voted The Last Express, as it's a relatively unknown yet highly regarded game with some unique gameplay features I'm excited to try out, as well as available for $6 on GOG.com. It's apparently quite devious with a wide range of outcomes, which could be interesting as people are likely to suffer different, and hopefully horrible, fates.
  10. Since the game will be voice acted, I think the idea seems too cost-prohibitive. I'd rather see the money spent on a great supporting cast.
  11. I agree. Although I don't think long, largely unedited behind-the-scenes videos should necessarily exclude shorter, punchier episodes collated for easier digestion. I think we can have both; that is, raw footage could be released alongside more artistic renditions. "Click here for more", that sort of thing.
  12. Been wondering about this one for a while. Tim said in an update that smartphone versions would get made after a certain level of funding. We exceeded it by far, obviously, but the rewards were never updated to reflect whether backers would receive these versions. With the logistical problems of making that happen, and no further mention of it, my guess is we won't. So, the smartphone version may be the same game, but technically a different product, which Double Fine gets to make and sell at the expense of the main project. Don't get me wrong, I don't really begrudge them this (at least, not any more than would make me sort of passive aggressively point it out as I just did here!), but I think it's at least fair to raise the question. Edit: thread title
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