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  1. I'd struggle to call anything in the Thimbleweed Park prologue a real puzzle. It's more of an interactive cutscene that gives you a light introduction to the interface without holding you back if you get anything "wrong". I guess that could have been handled a bit better given some of the points being made here, but it's a very short scene, and the following scene already does all the heavy lifting teaching the interface in a concise and fun way, so I can see why it wasn't a huge priority. The main issue I had with the prologue was that it features easily the worst voice acting in the game, which caused me to reflexively go text only. Luckily I gave voice another shot a few hours in as it's mostly really good imo.
  2. Thanks so much flesk and ThunderPeel! Problem solved. I ended up needing to delete both unlocks.sav and auto.sav and starting the game in offline mode, as I was getting error messages about incompatible save files each time the game tried to update something otherwise. So now it's just like starting up the game for the first time, which is perfect.
  3. Just wondering if anyone knows a way to restart The Cave with no unlocked cave paintings (PC steam version)? I'd love to play through the game again now that it's been a couple years, but each time I start a new game they're all still unlocked from last time, even though I installed the game on a new machine (offline mode makes no difference either). It's a shame as the parallel metaphorical and literal storylines were one of my favourite parts of the game. Any help would be grand. Cheers!
  4. Semi-relevant trivia: Yahtzee made his own series of freeware point-and-click adventure games some years ago - from memory the first two were pretty sweet for freeware AGS games, but the latter two were just damn good in their own right. Assuming I'm not just "wallowing in a nostalgic comfort zone like a dolphin in mother's homemade custard" and forgetting their weaker points.
  5. Can't wait to see more of the work that's been done on the spaceship. The new scenes in the backer video blew my mind.
  6. (Haven't had time yet to read more than the first five and last couple pages of this thread, so sorry if someone's already brought this up. Rad discussion though!) Have seen some mention of using gay couples as surrogates, which is usually the opposite of what happens when gay couples have kids. But there is a way to bring things (slightly) closer to reality while also giving you an additional strategic option: Why not have it so that if you retire a gay couple to sire children and research stuff, that only one member of that couple is the genetic father/mother per offspring, while the other genetic mother/father (ie. the surrogate) is another hero of the opposite gender that you can keep on the battlefield? So maybe that surrogate just gets retired for a round and then gets straight back out there, leaving the happy couple to raise their child and research some sweet demon gear. Any thoughts? Also I have no idea how any of this would work unless heroes have pre-assigned sexual preferences in their stats either from the start of their life or once they come of age, and you as king/queen can only marry like with like. Would be kinda weird otherwise, as you'd basically be deciding their sexual preferences for them, plus you'd then be able to game the system.
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