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  1. I'm assuming there was no selection related to the big box game because there is nothing _to_ choose; there's just one variant available. (Well, there was the option of portrait or landscape aspect for the cover art, but we had a poll here and they will only make one of the two (I forget which ))
  2. So they have it there in order to become increasingly popular? Well, let's hope it works then. :-)
  3. I wonder why their website is in Colombia. Are they getting funding from the drug cartels? ;-)
  4. This thread has a spreadsheet showing the progress on the documentary BluRays. I'm assuming the boxed version of the game will shipped once the BluRays are done, so they can be shipped together.
  5. The following sidequests are missing on VHX: Dave Gardner "Look, the Clocks..." Peter McConnell "What I Wish I Could Have Done Then..." Matt Hansen "Just Take It Seriously" All of Tim's sidequests: "My Father Told Me It Would Be Like This" "I'm Such a F@#$in' Genius" "It's All Coming Back To Me" "Put Your Lips on That." "Maybe We Were Geniuses" Given that there won't be any sidequests in the Bluray release (according to my calulcations based on the size of the full HD H.264 videos on VHX the sidequests should take 10-16GB which easily fits on one (single layer) Bluray disc, not two, but still an extra cost of course), I hope this will be fixed (or even better, that the sidequests will be made available on the Humble Bundle download page). Thanks.
  6. Hi everybody. To celebrate the release of the final DFAF documentary episode, I thought I'd do some releasing of my own. Ever since the "extra hackable Hack'n'Slash with source" release last year, I've been thinking to myself, "Ok, having a bunch of Lua code is nice and all, but isn't there a big piece of source missing here?". After all, the main executable, which runs the Lua code, is still closed source. As we all know, it's based on MOAI, which is open though, and I did have some success in running the prototype in regular MOAI. So during this year I've spent some time modding the open source MOAI release to get it to play Hack'n'Slash. And at this point, it actually can! Open source Hack'n'Slash running on Linux/PPC. The code is all up at github. It currently supports Linux only, but would probably be pretty easy to get running on other open source OS:es such as NetBSD. Like ScummVM, this is just an implementation of the engine, you still need to buy Hack'n'Slash on Steam to get the data files making up the actual game. (A DRM free download would be nice for those who can't/don't want to get Steam though, hint hint :-) ) There is currently no sound support; while FMOD support is available in the open source edition of MOAI, FMOD Designer itself is not open source, and so can't be used in a fully open source implementation. I've just stubbed the various functions for now, but an interresting future development would be to try to translate these calls into some open source sound framework such as Untz. The installation script uncompiles those Lua scripts which are provided in bytecode only as part of copying the game files from the Steam directory. Byte compiled files are also supported by the engine though (both native and little-endian 32-bit bytecode dumps are supported, in order to allow the original bytecode files to be used), you can set the environment variable NO_UNCOMPILATION to prevent uncompilation of bytecode files by the installer if you want to. Note that while the engine is save game compatible with the original engine, it does not support cloud saves. Make sure to make backups of your savegames to prevent synch mishaps. Have fun, I did!
  7. Actually, there was an extended cut of the Peter Chan segment of the episode which was released separately. The post is here: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/7577/ and the Vimeo link seems to be working still. Would be nice to have it in the VHX library as well though.
  8. Right you are. Here is the URL: https://www.humblebundle.com/resenderJust tested it and it worked fine for me.
  9. So have I, but I never created an account. You can buy stuff there without one. Mails were sent out on the 14:th of January 2014 (subject: Broken Age, Act 1) containing Humble URLs that can be accessed without an account (but which are still personalized per backer). If you can find this mail you should be able to get to a page containing all your BA stuff.
  10. My thoughts exactly. The doc was never promised to be exclusive (only the "monthly releases" of it), so my understanding was that 2PP would sell it just like DF would sell the game. If any of those two products were to get a price tag of 0, that would indeed be surprising (given the quality and amount of work invested) but certainly not a problem. If you are up for it, then by all means make it happen!
  11. The first The NeverEnding Story movie was a huge disappointment to me because it ended at the point where the good part of the book started. I'm sure some could feel the same about this game. Just saying... :-) (Hopefully the delay between the parts will not be 6 years in this case. )
  12. You're missing "Maybe We Were Geniuses" (Tim Schafer), which came between Camden and Justin. Edit: Hm, looking back at the updates, it was actually announced in the same update as Camden's sidequest. It wasn't labeled as a sidequest in the update, but it is in the actual video.
  13. I still keep my hopes up for the 2PP DFA documentary Blu-ray. Don't let me down, 2PP!
  14. Yeah, Elijah Wood has a Bacon number of 1, so the rest of the cast will be automatically bumped up to 2. :-)
  15. I'm afraid getting Don Knotts would be as impossible as getting Frank Zappa, seeing as they are both dead... Maybe for Grim 2?
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