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  1. Very interesting approach, but I have a question: what if the artists need to make an animation that is supposed to look more organic than what a skeleton can do? Like, suppose the Lumberjack eats something big and his stomach instantly expands. How can that be done using the skeleton? Around the stomach area there are only nodes on the spine, so apparently moving the nodes can't make the stomach puff up. Also resizing the torso part might not look so good. So would flipbooks be applied in these special cases for this game? (special cases are common in adventure games, I imagine) I think, for example, Machinarium doesn't use skeletons, it uses sprites (flipbooks), because some movements of the robots are really organic, they stretch in many ways. I find it really interesting to give an organic feeling to the animations. Skeletons give a really smooth animation, but sprites open many opportunities to the animators, so the end result is normally really expressive and organic. I mean, how important is it to have 30 frames per second?
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