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  1. It's a bug with the Hi-Fi sim setting, the physics are registering at twice the normal rate (or something), making the beer run mission much harder. Disable it in the game settings and the mission should be much easier.
  2. hackmed


    Yeah but the music was still played from the disc if I recall, so that would explain the increased install size.
  3. I posted in your community hub thread, but i will post it here too. Getting the same graphical bug, specs are: Core 2 duo 2.8Ghz 4Gig of ram Gforce 260 GTX Running on windows 7 64bit
  4. Ok working now, just delete local content then reinstall.
  5. "Failed to start game (Missing executable)" Huh.....
  6. A level where the character gets taken into the games code (real or fake) A level representing the players computer or console, (bios, actual physical hardware layout etc), making changes which will effect the world of the game. Scanning the players hardware to make it look like the players machine for added effect (showing computer name, cpu etc). Example: a timing puzzle is too hard to do, so the character needs to underclock* the players computer to slow down the timing puzzle. Perhaps something else like a simulated game crash, where the puzzle is to find a way to get the game (ergo the world) running again. (In my mind, you would still move the character in different areas in the game, but everything is "broken" or backwards compared to what it was). *Would not actually physically underclock the player's system
  7. It came from a part in the documentary where it was discussed how important puzzles are in a game, and if they're even necessary. In particular the little talk with the Superbrothers Craig Adams and the co-writer Erik Wolpaw around 11:30, where one of them basically doesn't like puzzles at all and the other said he wouldn't miss puzzles in an adventure game. Adams was however talking about the specific mechanic of classic inventory puzzles, and as I've mentioned in another post, Loom for example didn't have inventory and was still a great game with great puzzles. Of course the game will have puzzles in it, it's just the thought of an adventure game even being possible without puzzles got some people, me included, worried for a second, because good and well designed challenging puzzles are what I missed most in recent adventure games, so I was in particular looking forward to those in DFA. At 12:34 Tim says leaving puzzles out wouldn't make sense for the game they are making, and later when he talks to Wolpaw he's told to just make one in his old "bad" style. Just trying to figure out if we made some mistake in the editing process that made it unclear. I thought it was very clear, though maybe people were just reacting to the possibility of no puzzles, and were too distraught to listen to the next minute of the video or so. Or something else.......it does seem a little weird that so many people missed the part where Tim said that puzzles would make sense for DF adventure.
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