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  1. I won a $100 version of the game on one of the teamstreams (thank you!) so I created my own bloodline. (I backed the game at a lower level.) So I am playing the game with my own bloodline, which is pretty rad. During the first battle, one of my Alchemists accidentally killed me. It was a bummer but I've kept on playing.
  2. I was trying to hold off on playing it until the full release but the last team stream looked so fun I broke down and installed the beta. I've been watching the teamstreams so I kinda knew how to play but I'm not doing very well. I started my game on normal, non-IRON mode. But I've been playing like I am in IRON mode. I only have one save file, I haven't reloaded and I'm getting my ass kicked. I've had three full team wipes and I'm not even to year 75. I can't believe I haven't lost yet. For one battle, I didn't even have enough heroes for a full squad. So I went in with 3. This game is pretty brutal. I think the tutorials are great to show you the combat basics but now that I'm 70 years in, I'm wishing I had more guidance on how to manage my kingdom (some help on the strategy layer would be nice). I don't want the game to tell me what to do but it would be helpful if it offered a couple of good suggestions about what to research next. My poor decisions on the strategy layer will ultimately decide my fate. I'll be shocked if I make it to year 100.
  3. Brad, can you please, please, please resubmit this idea for the next AF? This needs to get made.
  4. It's a UI Remix! I did some other color variations but this one is looking the best so far.
  5. Have you guys discussed any VoiceOver stuff? It would be pretty cool if the base itself had its own personality. Something like a calm, woman's voice (with a slight echo) that announces major events. Things like: Hull breach detected. Or: Core temperature is elevated. Maintenance required. Or: Five minutes until self destruct. Too much work for a prototype?
  6. This just made my Friday. Thanks guys. Can someone at Double Fine ask Bagel where he got his t-shirt with the chopped off head? It's awesome and I want one.
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