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  1. I was trying to hold off on playing it until the full release but the last team stream looked so fun I broke down and installed the beta.

    I've been watching the teamstreams so I kinda knew how to play but I'm not doing very well. I started my game on normal, non-IRON mode. But I've been playing like I am in IRON mode. I only have one save file, I haven't reloaded and I'm getting my ass kicked. I've had three full team wipes and I'm not even to year 75. I can't believe I haven't lost yet. For one battle, I didn't even have enough heroes for a full squad. So I went in with 3. This game is pretty brutal.

    I think the tutorials are great to show you the combat basics but now that I'm 70 years in, I'm wishing I had more guidance on how to manage my kingdom (some help on the strategy layer would be nice). I don't want the game to tell me what to do but it would be helpful if it offered a couple of good suggestions about what to research next. My poor decisions on the strategy layer will ultimately decide my fate. I'll be shocked if I make it to year 100.

  2. Have you guys discussed any VoiceOver stuff? It would be pretty cool if the base itself had its own personality. Something like a calm, woman's voice (with a slight echo) that announces major events. Things like: Hull breach detected. Or: Core temperature is elevated. Maintenance required. Or: Five minutes until self destruct.

    Too much work for a prototype?

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