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  1. I found the email in my junk folder. Im backed at the $100 tier for the box. Thanks for the heads up!
  2. I feel like the title of each episode should be able to be seen before selecting it. Like when you highlight episode one there would be a slot dedicated to showing you the title, and so on and so forth. Does that make sense? I just think that it would feel more involved knowing you were about to play "a perfect storm for adventure" rather than just playing "episode 1" But, i haven't seen everything so maybe you've already addressed this in some way that you feel makes more sense. Did i mention that I'm super excited and looking forward to seeing these in their fully edited glory? Because I am and it is going to be amazing.
  3. Oh. I feel so sad now. Well, I'll do my best do get a boxed copy once it is available.
  4. The paypal option is not available through that link anymore. Perhaps they will bring it back later? I hope so.
  5. Good, good. I do hope the physical copy remains an option. At least without the campaign exclusive slipcase. I'd keep it nice and cozy next to my copy of Broken Age, once I get it/both.
  6. Is it possible that I could back this in the future as a "slacker backer"? I was able to be lucky and back Double Fine Adventure to be in the first fifty people, and I backed Massive Chalice as soon as I could. I've been following the Psychonauts 2 campaign since it started, but I won't be able to support it now. I'm super glad that it's hit 100%, but I also feel guilty that I haven't been able to back it. I hope that I can back it in the future, but haven't seen anything about that being possible. Thank you for your time and games!
  7. That's fantastic! I've been watching all of the documentaries since they started, the whole time keeping an eye out. I feel silly for worrying now. The brutal legend side used to have a Psycho from borderlands, but i ruined it by putting on too much varnish from a spray can. (You should be able to see some tiny bubbles even on Raz's side.) So i had to replace it. So i did my best to copy my signed brütal legend poster. Then I beat Brütal Legend on Brütal to celebrate. I play alot of games, none are as dear to me as what you guys make. There is always a sincerity to the work you all do. I am looking forward to Psychonauts 2, and everything that you make! Do you guys use that case for fan art? Is it weird to ask for a picture of the case?
  8. I might have spotted it in the glass case to the right of this screen shot from the latest Fig update. If any one at double fine sees this, could you let me know if the controller is there? That'd be awesome!
  9. ...I've played the game twice and I never realized that wasn't the normal attack option... I just booted up the game and checked, I've never even used it before. I just assumed that it was activated when I targeted an enemy... Whoops! Sorry for the silly thread.
  10. What exactly is the effect of a caberjack's knockback? I know the chalice says something about it when you first start playing, and I just saw it listed in the recent game update post involving hybrids. But I don't think I've ever seen a "knockback" outside of a charge attack or the rebound ability in my games. I've played two campaigns to the final battle.
  11. Amazing! I love the mashed up armors for the hybrids! And the relics are gonna be so rad! I love this game!
  12. I love managing the bloodlines over the generations, however, I feel there could be some improvements to how they are presented as epic bloodlines. -I know that a huge factor in what makes a heroic bloodline epic comes from its heroes and regents/partners. The only problem is that you never see the past heroes, unless rummaging through the current "family tree" viewer. I think it would be neat if you could see the spirits of your ancestors in the background at the keep halls. Like when you go to see the current regent, you can see the nicknamed heroes that you sent to battle lurking. Or the the family's greatest hero (based on the time he/she was alive) standing just behind your current regent. -I also feel like all of the relics are the same, with names slapped on them. The names are great, but they don't offer a "relic" feel in the current version. -When in battle, and I have all my bloodlines in the vanguard, if I equip cadence armor on them they all look like they came from the same blood line. I wish that their family colors stood out much much more. -A nicknamed hero should gain some sort of visual cue that they are more awesome than the rest of their fellow heroes. Flags like the standards get? -A way to tally a family's stats and compare them to the other families. Like, cadence kills/type of cadence killed per family, number of heroes died over the years, number of relics. Something to make the families feel like they are all fighting the same war, but some bloodlines are just better at it, or have been doing it for longer. -When you are pairing heroes, I feel like there could be something other than fertility rates represented. Like, are the heroes compatible emotionally, or based on their personalities? That way, we don't "reduce them to numbers." -Perhaps a graphic of a funeral scene when a hero passes in combat, or when a regent dies, instead of just the notification. I think some of these can make our attachment to the bloodlines deeper.
  13. I have since had a friend of mine "gift" this to Tim, at...pax? A year and a half ago I think.
  14. Painted Xbox Controller Psychonauts side Painted Xbox Controller, Brutal Legend side Painted with acrylics, sealed with a matte varnish spray. My source materials were signed posters straight from the DF Shop.
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