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  1. I just got the email too. Loving the revamped forums. :0)
  2. I LOVE Gorogoa. Saw a talk by Jason at Fantastic Arcade this year and it was clear that he puts an enormous amount of thought into his work.
  3. Double Fine was such an anomaly in our medium for a long time, and it's inspiring that you guys have been able to survive in such a fickle industry with your creative scruples intact. I'm pretty sure you're at least indirectly responsible for cultivating the little renaissance we have going on right now too. Feel good thread of the year. :')
  4. I paid below average and forgot to increase my amount before the end of AF. :'( Is there any way I could pay the difference and get my hands on a copy?
  5. Nah, your framing is off. Also, they're not comparable to Pokemon at all other than maybe being cute. Also, people criticized punk rock for being simple. That WAS how it was subversive dude, the old guys didn't get how "only three chords?!!" is good enough for a song.
  6. Pen's pitch was so refreshingly free of video game genre tropes that it's going to be super fun to see how everything gets implemented. Especially with that rad team. It'll probably get the most 'not really a game' complaints, but don't listen to them guys! They don't know anything! Just make it as rad as possible. :coolsmirk:
  7. Let me preface this by saying that this isn't a complaint as much as it is a concern. I could be completely wrong. This is one of my favorite pitches this year, but I'm slightly less enthusiastic about it after hearing about how prominent the boy is. I love the concept of bumbling heroes, and I really feel like the heart of the concept lies in your having to deal with their various quirks while receiving none of the glory. The idea of nudging a drunk/sleeping warrior around to help him attack enemies is brilliant. Of course, it's hard to make a judgment at such an early stage, but the inclusion of a 'main' human character seems to diminish how subversive the game could've been both mechanically and plot-wise.
  8. My assumption was that it was simulated space. That's why you can't venture too far out, even after you cut the cord on your suit. There's a wall blocking your way. Gravity manipulation doesn't seem too farfetched for a game like this. My hunch is that Merek is just another layer of deception by the ship's AI, hence the mother's seemingly uncaring/casual response to questions about him.
  9. Could be an oversight or plot hole, but I feel that this will be explained more in Act 2. There were a few layers of deception in Shay's story, so I imagine there are a few unexplained details that will eventually color that in.
  10. Ahh, yeah, I suppose I do agree in that regard. As long as the challenges are consistently strong in the second half, I'll forgive how mild the first was. The incredible story bits kept me interested enough to keep playing, so I didn't feel too disappointed at the lack of difficulty.
  11. I can't stand this mentality. Stretching content out to fill more time generally results in a terrible product. 4 hours was perfect. Especially for HALF of an adventure game. I do hope that the puzzles in Act 2 are more challenging, but time wise, this is on par with pretty much every other highly acclaimed graphic adventure.
  12. I'm getting this too. Not sure if it just happens on certain graphics cards, but it is quite distracting. I'm pretty certain that all of the art was done in high res - they'd have no reason to skimp in that area. It's probably just a technical issue.
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