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  1. PhD student seeking to talk to you!

    If you're still looking for people to talk to I would gladly participate.
  2. I'm really happy with what I've gotten from this and it's too bad to hear of the trouble from the cancelled game. I'm a bit excited that there's a good chance the game will be releasing on my birthday!
  3. Post/Celebrate Your Bloodline Acceptances Here!

    Mine was submitted and approved a while ago. I think it's alright but I've been blown away by what you guys have done. I'm also in the No Comments club.
  4. DRM Free Broken Age!

    I agree! That sidequest was great but I'm confused why it hasn't been given its own thread. Great Work 2PP!
  5. Great episode! Congrats everybody on the REDS team. I've played through Act 1 and LOVED it! I look forward to the rest of the world seeing what a great game this is!
  6. Congrats to Double Fine for getting it this far and congrats to us for getting the first instalment! This is going to be AMAZING!
  7. This was awesome! Great work 2PP and happy to get to know you Dave!
  8. The Broken Age Timeline

    This is great! I think this really helps to add to the narrative of the project. Great work!
  9. Thanks for the update Greg! These quick updates are greatly appreciated!
  10. Thanks for these updates Greg! I'm not sure if this is a big or a small task for you to post these every week but thanks for doing it the past 2! It's really appreciated here!
  11. Teaser looks great! Good work everybody at DF! I'm really looking forward to this.
  12. After a some thought I voted for "None of the Above" thinking it to be the boy and girl not choosing any of the options presented to them. Reading the forums, I like The Divide and see it's logo potential but also see it's genericness. I'm not completely attached to it. I wrote in my own suggestion of : The Shortsighted Future I was thinking about how the futures put forward for both protagonists are very shortsighted to what they may want. They break free from those predetermined paths and realize that their own shortsightedness caused pain to the ones they care about. Maybe to tie in the multiple protagonists you could pluralize it to The Shortsighted Futures Or be SUPER pretentious and add it as a subtitle: Longview: The Shortsighted Futures Just my two cents... Edited to better explain what I mean
  13. Thanks for the update Greg! I'm not a PM, but I do think that aspect is really important, especially for those of us working our way into the industry. The SMU Guildhall (where I'm working on my MA) recently added a production specialization, but up til now, they've made due with current students to slide into those production roles. I can't help but think that most smaller studios are relegated to the same sort of compromise: Use one of the skilled people as a hybrid producer. The more insight into that aspect the better--especially when it comes to episodes like #7, where many gamers had to see the raw reality of overscope, resource scarcity, and how those two things have to be beaten into submission to release a product. I'm also quite interested in this Maybe I'm greedy, I would love to hear more about the PM, VO, scoring, programming and everything else.
  14. Thanks Greg! REALLY looking forward to the news! It's easy to see from the last episode that you guys have been busy. Hopefully things will level out and you'll have an easier time staying on top of everything.
  15. Am I missing out?

    I dug through the forum a bit, (though maybe not as much as I should have) and haven't found the answer. When will this be available somewhere? Is there an update on where things are at? I read that it's going through a release in Canada before opening the floodgates everywhere else. Should I be able to find this on the Canadian iTunes store? Is it already there and I'm somehow missing it? You've caught my attention with the super hero theme and the art style. Will I get to play this game?
  16. Man... Realism sets in... Seeing that one part dated in July makes me wonder how things have happened since. I need to be more active on the forums...
  17. Making the Episode

    I think I'd forgotten about that video but sometimes kinda wish that there was a little less worriment on spoilers or a video or two with a spoiler warning where those interested could see further insight into where the ideas are going. It's still early though, so maybe there won't be anything to worry about. Just thinking about projects that I've done for work I know that some ideas don't make the cut and I'm interested in those ideas too. I wonder if there'll be a way to see those ideas too...
  18. Making the Episode

    This was great. I'm really interested in this whole thing. I didn't realize that video needed to be approved. I can understand the want for secrecy but is there going to be a time where it's too hard to be spoiler free? I actually thought that spoilers was part of the documentary.
  19. I'm also curious about this. I was given the impression that something similar but reversed where the widescreen was given more on the sides than the thin(?) screens but that the sides were meant to NOT hold important stuff. Is that in film? Is this done to catch a larger population of people with thin screen monitors?
  20. This is a great update thanks Anna! I've known for a bit how sound can really make a game immersive but haven't put much thought towards how sophisticated the tools can be. Making the sound engine from Buddha Open Source is an incredibly generous action. Thanks to everyone at Double Fine! Also, I loved the crayon art of Redbot. I sure hope Redbot makes a cameo in Reds... The game's practically CODENAMED for him... ;-)
  21. Very cool! Thanks for the update. A couple questions because I don't know/understand enough and want to learn more! Is there a reason there's 3 joints in the stomach for the skeleton? Also the head seems to be connected through a center point at the chin then down the rest of the body. Is there a reason it doesn't have a central point in middle of the head? Does that stuff matter in a virtual skeleton? Or is that just how it all landed to put this update together?
  22. I'm sure I'm not the first person to think of this but you can have a system where the username can be changed. On the cloud side of things the username could be a value but the random combination of letters and numbers could be the "key" value. Logging in with your username and password would match you on their side to that same user record but using the "Key" value as your username could make sure that anybody who loves the backstreet boys today doesn't have to continue to profess their love when it ends... ;-)
  23. Programming Update #2

    Using the open source engine is exciting because all the people out there excited about this game can go play with it too! Thanks for the update!
  24. The side quest idea is great! I'm excited to see more and to get more insight into the game and the people behind the game. Thanks 2PP!