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  1. Still no boxed copy here anyone still waiting?
  2. I´n in Spain, and a friend received his some time ago. I was very relaxed until then. But when he sent me a picture of the box... I suppose I entered panic mode I kind of stopped coming to the forums some time ago (I know!) and just wanted to see if I should be worried. Thanks for the replies, I´ll post when it gets here!
  3. So... everyone got theirs already? I´m really starting to get worried now...
  4. Just a question that came to mi mind. Are these developer artist, etc... posts going to be included in some form with the documentary or the game? I´d love to have them offline to read them when the game is released on my kindle or my galaxy
  5. Nice to see you on the forums, your interactive job application was great! It´ll be great to see how the team use your talents during yourn internship. Good luck and I hope this leads to a full time job somwhere awesome, DF or elsewhere.
  6. I lol´d pretty hard with the "pump up the party" power. I´m at work and everyone is looking at me like I´m crazy or something.
  7. Great update. That you are open sourcing integration with Moai is really cool too. Oh, and nice art too; it´s great to see Redbot taking a stroll outside of his (still?) grey, work-in-progress, pixel world
  8. Great episode. I made a gin&tonic; when I finished watching. To Team Reds! Cheers!
  9. Yeah, so I already owned Limbo in Steam, but it did not translate into a gift. Did it do that for you? No, as Terminated said I bought 2 additional bundles to gift them to a couple of friends. Specially to one who is not much of a gamer anymore. I´m sure he´ll love Limbo and Sword & Sworcery. Maybe I can turn him to the Light Side again
  10. Got mine even though I already owned almost every game in the bundle. And gifted 2 to some friends. This is absolutely crazy!
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