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  1. I can honestly say I didn't notice any of those..
  2. I don't recall enountering any gltiches on either SE version of MI games. Or if there were any, they weren't anythign really severe.
  3. Wow, I didn't expect them to be able to use the original 3D files with this. Though yeah, they probably won't be able to use them as is and need to rework them a great deal. But at least the modelers will have a base to work over.
  4. There was so many ways this could have gone wrong, but thanfully it didn't. In many ways I think DotT places a benchmark for any future remasters in how they should be made. Not only is it a remaster in a true sense of the word that the audio and image quality have been greatly improved, it gives a benchmark for how much the players can effect on the amount of remastered features and how they can to mix them during playing the game. I'd say this remaster made already a great classic even better.
  5. They just couldn't find a lot of those sound effects uncompressed anywhere, so naturally they had to remake them, as they would have sounded off next to high quality sounds.
  6. I have no problem with the font myself. Though what irks me a bit is, that the subtitles don't run as fast as the speech does, so on some points the chacaters can begin a new line before the subtitles are changed.
  7. Sperate save slots for MM would indeed be a good thing. Unlike in DotT you can get in a dead end in it.
  8. I don't agree with him, as coloring B&W movies doesn't improve the visual quality in movies. In most cases it makes it worse. Remastering on the other hand improves both image and audio quality. I see this kind of remastering that's done for DoTT the same ways as taking an old movie and cleaning it up so, that it looks nice and detailed and sounds as good as possible, as the voice acting is taken from the original sources and the art style crafted towards the original as closely as possible. And then there's the fact that you can play the game with original graphics. What I personally a bit forwn upon, but not stongly, is something that was done with Gabriel Knight, when the stong art direction of the original was changed to much more blander and less interesting pre-rendered style. They also altered the strcuture of the game, which was a bummer along side with new voice acting.
  9. Hah, I now I can smuggly say, I knew at least some of the background art was traditionally drawn. I do hope you'll manage to find at least some of it for the special features.
  10. Why? You already can freely switch between graphics, so having ScummVM version along with it would make little sense.
  11. Those rounded glasses don't look right to me in higher resolution. In low res they do fit, but personally I think those D shaped work better on high resolution. Also I don't mind the variation in the edge lines, as personally I feel an uneven edge gives more life to the character. I low resolution it doesn't matter that much, as the pixel is no matter what just one pixel, but on high res a edge with just one (or even pixel) would look a bit dull imo.
  12. Most old Sierra and Lucas games were hand drawn first and the scanned in and touched up. Sierra even did old school style cell animations for some of their games. There was some interesting discussion about it when Jane Jensen did her Gabriel Knight remake, when she had obtained some of the original background art for the game, but couldn't use them as most of the original background paintings had been thrown to trash.
  13. I have a question about the art style, as it looks to be almost 1:1 with the original. Is it completely re-drawn, or did you manage to score the original art work and rescan it? Or did you just vectorize the pixel art and adjusted it by hand after it?
  14. I'm really hoping that's an indicator how the game will actually look: an upgraded version of the original with high resolution art work based on the original art style that was good to begin with.
  15. This was a nice little send off episode. I'm really glad that I backed DFA, as the documentary alone was worth the whole trip IMO. That I liked the game as well is pretty much an added bonus.
  16. Release the Cracken. There's no real reason to keep the backer forum private anymore, as the project is complete. There's no benefit in keeping it private.
  17. I can't say a thing about iPad sales, but Android sales seem to be relatively poor. Play-store shows it statics of 500-1000 installations. In contrast Grim Fandango has 1000-5000 and the Cave has 10000-50000 installs. When part 2 was relesed, I did check Steam stats and BA didn't manage to break in top 10. It was in top 100 for a while, but dropped from there in a couple of days I recall.
  18. I think while refunding could be a potential idea, it still would end up costing to Double Fine as Google would propably keep their cut ot he original purchase.
  19. That is a very nice box indeed. I love the transparent sheet with Shay and Vella.
  20. tomimt

    Do it again?

    After finishing, and liking BA, I'd say it more or less would depend on what they'd be proposing on Kickstarter.
  21. I do think John Walker, just as everyone else, has the right to not like BA, there's even some points I agree with him, like the underuse of Plague Barrier and the flash revelation of the baddies and then underusing them as well, but I also think Walker has a tendency to take things a bit too personally. Or maybe it's just his writing style or that he's trying to generate polarizing material in the hopes of clickbaiting. I've even defended him at times in the past, but after he did that utterly poisonous Moleneux interview I lost all my respect towards him. Not that he was that wrong about PM, but I didn't like his style nor methods of tackling the issue of Godus and other unfilled dreams of PM.
  22. I'd be willing to forfeit my useless Ouya key for a GOG key really. Or even better yet, I'd love to change it for it a Play store key (though I'm not sure Google would allow that).
  23. As far I know if DF would want to deliver PSN codes for backers they'd have to pay it from their own pocket as Sony doesn't allow devs and publishers to give out freebie codes.
  24. All in all Broken Age was very entertaining, well crafted game. I would have loved if the Plague Dam had gotten a bit more play time, even some stuff that would have happened in the city itself, as the big reveals you get there feel a bit like they're just left hovering there. That been said though I think the difficulty curve is pretty good here, with act 1 starting out as easier and act 2 having a couple of stunner moments where you actually get stuck for a while.
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