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  1. BA is definetly scoring very well. Metascore for act 1 is 82, where as ac 2 is at the moment at 88. Broken Age Complete Adventre (which is PS4 version I presume) Metascore is 90. I think it might be among the best scoring adventure games, if not the best scoring, of recent years.
  2. I'll propably get an Android version of the game at some point.
  3. What comes to cut content, I'd recommed everyone to give a glance on Ron Gilbert's Thimbleweed blog. As he states many times in it, don't get attatched on anything you see, as during development things can, and will, get thrown away if needed. http://blog.thimbleweedpark.com/
  4. I always assumed the doc would be released to the public after it's done. It is a great series, so it should be made available for everyone who's interested.
  5. I think all these have been mentioned already, but this is what I'd love to see: - HD graphics - toggle new/old version - if the original sound files still exist, remastered audio - Concept art, if that exists - live instrument soundrack
  6. The guys have stayed firm on the idea of releasing a full game, but in all honesty I wouldn't be surprised if they'd opt to split it. The communication they've done has alwyas been a bit problematic, as previously it all boiled down to "we're still working on it", until they made their "not as far as hoped" update, as then it came evident that the lack of content in updates was because of they didn't have that much content done, as they were hammering out the tools they wanted to use and those don't make sexy updates I suppose. But apparently now they have managed to pick up space, as they've solved some kinks with the tools they want to use, so I am hopefull that we'll see that game at some point.
  7. SpaceVenture is still under works, that's true, but they've also slowed down production quite a bit. Some time ago they admitted that they aren't as long in the production as they'd hope, but they still aim to finish what they've started espceially now when they've managed to iron out some kinks. Their conservative estimation on release is sometime next year, but they didn't want to give other estimation than that.
  8. I have to disagree with that. I've played many of them and none of them come out as "flash" games as you put it. They are pretty games and some of them, not all, are even very well animated. The wonkiest animation in their games I've seen myself is in the Chains of Satinav games, but overall I'd say had Lucas and Sierra kept doing traditional style P&C games that's pretty much what we'd seen from them visually speaking.
  9. I'd say pretty much anything Daedalic has done. I do find their games mediocre at best, but their art is most of the time top notch.
  10. Yeah, the big problem with those fan remake BG's is the lack of texturing. Overall they're 1:1 replicas of the originals, done with vectors I'd assume, but they still lack the final push to make them look really great. They're good workprint that need some more polish.
  11. I wonder if Double Fine is aware of this fan remake (in progress) of DoTT: http://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk/forums/index.php?topic=51117.0
  12. Too high resolution characters could potentially stand out too much from the old pre-rendered backgrounds.
  13. Out of the released KS games I'd say there's only one disaster and Broken Age wasn't it. But anyway, I do understand why Kaptain Brawe isn't setting the world in fire. Among so many other titles that have tried to get money for sequels, the first game pretty much was c-list adventure at best. When I originally played it, it did so because there wasn't that many interesting titles arond, now there is and financing a lukewarm game just doesn't sound like a high priority.
  14. Yeah, it is pretty time consuming, especially for Android because of heterogenous system specs. There is just way too diverse device architechture, from processors to display sizes, which make porting far more time consuming than it is for iPad for an example.
  15. That does looke incredible, I'd play that in a heartbeat. I actually did something similar with Day of the Tentacle scene some time ago: http://tomimt.deviantart.com/art/DOTT-carjacker-361923669
  16. Pretty cool news. Now lets get those other Lucas titles ouf as well.
  17. I really liked this one as well. Interesting personal story, kind of an underdog story if you will, and some good insight about sound design, which I know very little of.
  18. I really like Tesla Effect a quite a bit. I'd say it's on par with Broken Age for me, in terms of how much I enjoyed the game. It's pretty much what was promised from the start of the KS: a Tex Murphy FMV game, warts and all.
  19. At some point, most likely. I think adventure games and tuoch screen devices just mesh up well together.
  20. I was expecting bigger numbers, so let's hope the tablet release after chapter 2 is out will help.
  21. I'd recommend Dear Leader to be done as a tablet game as well. It's simple enough to work very nicely on touch screen, as the UI doesn't have any fancy special needs.
  22. I think the problem with Pink Best Buds is, that it propably is way, way too expensive game to be produced against possible profits. Do be done properly it would need a huge budget and research that spans over several years. Hell, it would actually beneift from and could be used as an AI research project. And yet I still think it wouldn't work that well as a game, but more as a curiosity piece.
  23. I need to replay it now and be a bigger dick then. I always try to be too nice in games.
  24. At my first playthrough I was overthrown by the secret police commander Chernov I think his name was. On my second playthrough I assassinated Chernov after I got a message about a trairor and got the good ending where I held my power and was loved by my people. So it was, at leas apparently, the same person for both times for me.
  25. Well this is prototype, so you can't really expect it to actually have that much cointent. But it does give a very good idea of what the actual game could be like. There's a lot of stuff that could be put in the actual game, like war time administration, deeper foreign affairs, home and foreign propaganda, taxes, political conspiracies. The way I see it, the final game, mixed with randomizer would be hard pressed to run out of things to do, this proto hardly scratched the surface of the actual potential.
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