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  1. Dear Leader. I feel out of the protos it's the one with the most potential and that can be produced into a full game that is fun to play and has a huge amount of replay value. It has all the right elements already. What it needs is only more meat to the bones. More edicts, more possibilities, conspiracies, foregin relations etc. I also liked Mnemonic, but it also felt like there's a lot of thinking to be done with the controls and how the memories work. It's a solid proto, but not as complete package as Dear Leader is.
  2. If this is turned into a full game I'd love to see an actual war time state as well, where you need to push out war propaganda, build an army, investigate your possible friends or woes and make alliances (which could also be broken). And on the same line, I'd love to see foreign affaris to have a part in this as well. It would be nice to be able to send spies to other countries and pehaps even make their strcutures shake and seed your own propaganda to them. But even as the game its now, it's fun, which is something that could easily be lost from a game like this. It has a nice overview sense of bureocracy of a totalitarian goverment without being TOO bureocratic. It's easy to see how this could be turned into a full pledged game with a lot of replay value.
  3. I think the only word I can use to descrive Steed is cute. Everyting about it is just cute, not amazing, but cute in some level and I can definetly see some people falling head over heels for this kind of a game. But for me it also was the weakest of the protos, as in the end it's nothing else but an action adventure with a horse instead of a massive warrior with an axe. I must say though, that the Equus Comabt was oddly satisfying, albeit tad monotonious in the end.
  4. I think there's a lot to like about Mnemonic. The art style is great and very atmospheric. The noir just oozes through it. Sadly I couldn't test it with Oculus, as I don't own one. I also found the focus system a nice idea. I can't say I liked how the inventory worked. It felt a bit too cumbersome way to handle such a simple task and at times looking for the right hotspot wasn't very intuitive or well handled. That might be an issue with hotspot though (I'm referring to skyline, that was hard to locate. I wasted a lot of time trying to pinpoint the exact location). Also this is a game that is made of broken with writing. The script for this kind of a game is in a key position. Overall I'd say there's a promise in here.
  5. I just watched the Twitch video and I have to say from that, Dear Leader does look like the one that has the most actual potential. Steed was nice, but in the end it's just an action RPG with a horse and Best Pink Buds is a nice concept, but in the end might be a horrible game. And Mnemonic. I liked it as well, but it's a game that would need a hell of a strong writer. The concept is good, but it is also something that can be made or broken with writing.
  6. I've noticed that inside adventure genre fans there's a certain amount of rigidity. Some people are very precice about what they seem to be able to accept in their games and the most hardcore people just don't mesh well if the puzzles are too simple, which is their way of saying "The puzzle didn't take me two days to solve". I think some of them would be much happer just playing pure puzzle games instead. Very challenging group of people to please, but at the same time a minority IMO. Or if they'd be a majority, I don't think adventure games would have dropped in the background as long as they did.
  7. I remember some other old game where you could also make a signature stamp of you own. I don't remember much of the game, but I do remember that stamp bit. And I am sure I drew a penis there. Or a vagina. Or both.
  8. I must say, I really like the art style here. Very noir.
  9. Here's some, non numerical, info about the success of BA: http://www.shacknews.com/article/83225/broken-age-sales-secure-funding-for-act-2-development Basically it sounds like at least a minor success, if not flat out bank buster.
  10. The art style is just fantastic. The idea to use soviet propaganda aesthetics sits nicely with this project.
  11. Hah, Blender is the best, I use it myself too.
  12. I hope the palace of the soviets is refrenced in some fashion in the game. It was after all pretty megalomaniac idea: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palace_of_the_Soviets
  13. I'd say no to this one, as the world is full of prototypes, which never go into production. Prototypes in general are used to see if something is feasible and if the original idea is good as it is or if there should be some major changes made to it. Though it is not unusual if some features from the proto are taken in use in other products. Car industry for an example does this all the time. I'd say prottype is finished at the point where it has more or less the components you want to try out in one form or an another, i.e. they don't even have to be fully functional.
  14. For me the issue is multi fold: I want my games to be in tidy locations, so GOG or Steam key is a must and secondly I don't want to create yet another account to a site I don't use ever again. And then there's the question of how my date will be stored, can I trust the site to keep my mail etc. info. There's a lot of variables.
  15. I don't know about you, but I feel very relucatant to use a webstore I don't know about. Even in cases where a dev offers a game cheaper from his own site I've gone to GOG or Steam just because I don't want the hassle of creating a new account or I just don't trust their store. I am a bit paranoid that way, but I don't use a webstore before I do my due diligance about them. I woldn't even buy anything directly from DF (if I wouldn't be a member already).
  16. I've understood the Steam list is actually based on how much money any given title is making, not how much copies they are selling. They could be selling the same amount as far we know, but the more expensive game will always be higher on the list from obvious reasons. That's why making assumptions from the chart is pretty hard.
  17. I think What Could Go Wrong and Eras of Adventure both have promise, so I hope they'll keep looking at them as internal projects in some form or an another. I'm glad that Dear Leader made the cut though, as it is an interesting idea. Mnemonic was among the ones I almost voted, so nice to see what will come of it.
  18. 85% for Simon 5 is a travesty. That game is just plain horrible.
  19. I'd say the most likely trio is: Dear Leader Eras of Adventure Breach My voites went to Dear Leader Eras of Adventure What Could Go Wrong (propably my favourite)
  20. Only longer stuck I had was with Shay and "rocket" for the space suit, as I didn't notice the whipped cream gun at first and kept thinking the solution to the puzzle would be the alien plant.
  21. My lowest estimation of sales to this point is a bit over 100k copies, my highest ranges to 140k copies. In any case I'd say the sales look very healthy at the moment and even when they dip to the lowest levels I think the second part will give it an another boost. And given that Amnesia Fortnight has a couple of adventure suggestions I'd say BA is selling strongly enough to warrant DF to think more adventure game ideas.
  22. No. Only dev I've backed twice is inXile and that's because Planescape Torment is one of my favourite games. But in general I'd prefer for the devs to be able to use the profits they gather from their KS projects to eventually enable them to make more games.
  23. I know for some people this kind of speculation might look like hunting for excuses, but I do it for the fun of it. I do the same thing with movie boxoffice results from time to time as well. I don't get a dime if I am right or wrong, but I find it oddly entertaining to see where as my estimations go right or wrong.
  24. I never really expected it to linger in the top 50 as long as it has really. I somehow assumed, that it would sell like crazy in the first day and then just drop out from the whole top 100. Now it seems to do like any indie hit game is. I'd say BA already is a succress stroy. But I also really hope this issue will be looked in the docu as well, at least in the level of if it's doing better or worse than they hoped.
  25. Yeah, I hope Tesla Effect does well. I really like Tex Murphy games, so anything that could bring on even a couple of more to the series is all good with me.
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