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  1. I think so too, that iOS and Android will be huge platforms for Broken Age, it's just the kind of a game I'd play on my tablet (and generally I think point & click games work very well on tablets, even the older ones that were designed on an era there wasn't any tablets around). Just in the speculative tone I also do believe Broken Age is the adventure game from Kickstarter that will sell the most copies. It has gotten good reviews, people in general seem to like it, so the word of mouth is good and it is a bit of a darling of the media as well. It basically has everything going for it, where as the reception for other KS adventures has been much milder.
  2. Seeing that BA has been on the top 100 list since the pre-sales started I'd figure it has been making money steadily and might even be close to breaking even at this point. It's been quite a visible game after all, one of the most visible one from Kickstarter funded ones, as many sites have been following it. I do hope though, that this matter is discussed in the document as well in a bit more detailed manner as well.
  3. For me BA exeeded my expectations. It's a lovely, lovely game and my expectations for the second act are now much higher.
  4. Personally I loved the game and thought it was very well written, I'd place it among the best games Schafer has done and if it rises higher depends a lot from if the act 2 can follow up the first part.
  5. Yes, DF really succeeded with the art style. And the music and voices as well. It's beautiful work.
  6. All I've seen is some minor graphical glitches, but the game is very polished.
  7. Yeah, the design for Guybrush in the SE of MI1 was astonishingly horrible. It was like they went with the poorest choice they had. Or if it was the best they came up with I shudder to think what the discarded ideas for Buybrush looked like.
  8. You never forget your first time! That eager anticipation. The moment when it bursts forth, sooner that it really should have if everything was perfect (premature if you will) but with all its flaws, you still never forget. :-P Oh, some other ones I backed later did come before this, but this has been the object of my lust longer
  9. Hard to believe the day has finally came. My first KS backing is finally near my grasp.
  10. Personally I liked Broken Sword 5 a lot, I'd even place it among the best adventure games I've played in years. As far difficulty goes, the game isn't hard, but it is none the less enjoyable experience and it rised my expectations towards the second part quite a bit. If they manage to keep the quality up, or better yet, improve it, it just might become my facourite one in the series.
  11. In Grims case it really won't matter how many votes it has in GOG, or anywhere else for the matter. As long as Disney owns the remnants of Lucasfilm games the sales rights could be held in moon. It actually says a lot when the never really bothered to re-release it on Steam pre-Disney desbite it's one of the most sought out cult classics.
  12. Oh man, is this getting out of hand or what? Let's do this
  13. Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb is actually available at GOG.com these days.
  14. If anyone was put off by the heavy price tag of the Precint, there's now 2500 limited game only slots 19 dollars a pop.
  15. In this case I'm not demoralized, nor am I even worried about this. If this had happened on some smaller Kickstarter, I'd be worried, but at this time Double Fine has the means to funnel money from other sources to the project. There's one project I've backed that has run out of money. As it is, the project is at this time unable to deliver and they don't even have funds to provide for those who pledged for physical objects. I'm demoralized about that project, because they don't have any other means to deliver and changes for the completion of the project are pretty much 0 at the moment. Double Fine is no where near that kind of situation.
  16. It would be interesting to see the new budget. There's been so many alterations in it, that it would be justified for the transparencys sake.
  17. Actually we paid for a full game, budget of the game was never set in stone, and thus doesn't effect on the matter. Double Fine running over their budget is their fault, not the fault of the backers.
  18. Yeah, from documentary perspective this is indeed a good thing. It would be pretty boring if everything would go frictionless.
  19. Luckily, as Greg posted, this won't be an issue. But it really would be a PR nightmare, despite some backers would be willing to do it.
  20. I'll sit this one out. I might get it after it's done.
  21. Well if it makes you feel any better Ragnar feels sorry for leaving Dreamfall where he did.
  22. If I recall right Ragnar said something along, that the fighting sequences were forced in because the publisher wanted them there, as they figured an action adventure would sell better. They had to make some adjustments in order to get the game made and left the ending in cliff hanger because they thought they'd be doing a sequel sooner. But then Funcom went all MMO crazy and Dreamfall just dind't sell anough to warrant a sequel.
  23. Final 17 hours are ticking down, so if there's still time to pledge if you think it's worth your money. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/redthread/dreamfall-chapters-the-longest-journey
  24. Well, as I said, if the prohress we'd be seeing here would be in realtime, then yes, the critiques would have some value in it, but as it's now, the critique is from my opinion pointless, as the thing critiqued is most likely already been corrected, or is on to do list, in the natural progression of things. And given that DF seems to have pretty competent animators, all the rough quirks will be ironed out before the release.
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