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  1. The cloud colony seems to be pretty much the only finalized, or near finished, scene shown in the video, otherwise all assests were clearly a work in progress. There were several shots of the game screens, that were just rough sketches, as well as in the video it was pointed out that the animations needed some additional work. Nothing about the video implied that the animations were final. It often happens in game development, that the first playable inhouse versions of the game use assets that are not finished yet, as the coders need material in order to implement the in game logic and puzzles. The artists will continue to fine tune the backgrounds and animations during this phase.
  2. I don't know, but it is a logical assumption on how things progress. Most animation assets shown in these videos are most likely rough place holder art, that will be replaced with the final animation as soon as it is finished. Just like some of the background scenes shown in the video were just very rough sketches. It hardly represents the final quality of the product.
  3. It is pointless when the actual state of animation has already progressed further from the point it's shown in the video. The documentary isn't exactly in realtime you know.
  4. I think it's rather useless to say anything concrete about the animation based on the new video, as it has been most likely fine tuned much further than it's shown in the video. I think most of those animations were still in the rough stage and no where near final.
  5. I have been waiting for this for so long now. I could burst from joy, but I'll let my credit card to that for me.
  6. I personally have very little interest toward OUYA, or any other console for the matter. DF can publish the game for it, but it won't effect me the least.
  7. Partly Blade Runner related, one of the designer, Jim Walls also of Police Quest fame, just recently announced his intentions of going Kickstarter. Nothing definitive yet, but he said that he'd do a Kickstarter during 2013.
  8. I'd place it among the best adventure games. Great story, well designed puzzles and multiple endings with top notch acting work.
  9. I actually stumbled upon that by other means, as I am bad at following Twitter.
  10. so say's this article with a concept art piece at the end: http://www.vulture.com/2013/01/see-concept-art-for-pixars-next-four-movies.html Of course. Now, after Disney purchased Lucas, it could be based on one certain game, though I really do think that's a stretch. Could be a fun idea to wonder about that though... Pixar's Grim Fandango.
  11. Not a game Kickstarter, but fantasy stories. Basically you'll get a digital pack of short stories and a couple of books by Bradley Beaulieu with 5 bucks. Not a bad deal, despite I haven't read any of his works yet. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2119763779/lest-our-passage-be-forgotten-and-other-stories
  12. Just to inform, Shadowgate has met the goal and is officially tackling down those stretchgoals. And they added a Paypal option as well.
  13. With about 3 days left Shadowgate has only about 10k to go. They've also announced stretch goals, which are: 130k brings new tower areas with puzzles 140k expands catacombs with new puzzles and if you backed Ouya, 150k promises a port for that.
  14. If this one does well commerically, they plan to do the official sequal to Shadowgate, Beyond Shadowgate. They discuss about it in update 13.
  15. Congrats to all Hero-U fans. It was a tight battle, but in the end you made it. While I didn't pledge this myself, despite I thought I would, I am glad for the Coles.
  16. New update provides digital add-ons. In example 6 dollars will get you the 3 released Holmes games and 10 dollars an extra copy of Shadowgate.
  17. I think I've pinpointed why I'm not that exited about Hero-U. It's the setting the game in school environment. At this moment I'm not that interested about yet another "a hero in the making" kind of a game. It would be nice to see a different angle for a change, like POW of seasoned adventurer, something like a career hero, who does what he does because it pays the rent.
  18. What I recall about Shadowgate is, that you can die easily in it. Literally anything can kill you, but it had a great atmosphere and back then regular deaths were part of a game play.
  19. I like their new video much better and the art work looks much nicer as well. This is definetly moving in the right direction.
  20. It's a god damn about time, if you ask me. But please, no fighting this time.
  21. I gave them a suggestion of including their Holmes games on some tier.
  22. I backed Shadowgate: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/zojoi/shadowgate And I'm not yet sure about this, but Hero-U is on the list of might back: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1878147873/hero-u-rogue-to-redemption?ref=live
  23. I don't know how I feel about their pitch video. The Cole's have done only on game I consider bad (QfG5), so I do have trust in them, but somehow I just wasn't feeling it towards the project. Dunno, I think I'll stalk it for a while and see where it goes.
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