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  1. From some reason you seem pretty offended by what I said, and I find it strange. I have not claimed that all people do that, just some people. You just need to read KS discussion in which people say "Oh, if the backers of project X had backed project Y, we would have backed project x as well." People with that attitude are IMO delusional about the project they are currenty supporting in their thinking of that others should be happy to back it as well, no matter what the reason is. On a note though, I am most likely going to back Coles, as I do like Quest for Glory series.
  2. I didn't mean that informing people about Kickstarter is delusional, what is delusional is "I scratch your back, you scratch mine" kind of attitude some people have. And those same people seem to take personal offense when the other people are not fans of the same things they are.
  3. I've noticed, that Kickstarter has actually created a certain delusion, that if you pledge a project you are going to pledge all other project related to the first one you pledged. In the case of games some fans of certain game or company might be personally offended if the other pledgers of the genre aren't as enthustiastic about the project. This in turn leads into silly squabbles and threats like "if you don't support our game, we don't support yours". In the end it would be easier for everyone to acknowledge, that not all pitches are as popular and your personal favourite series might not be as popular you thought it was.
  4. The final tally, including Paypal, is 819k. Not bad at all, especially I was guessing the final to be a bit over 700k.
  5. Personally I find Revolutions style an improvement over Pendulos style. BS5 cell shading looks much neater and cleaner.
  6. The changes are, there's at least one special box person, who doesn't care for the game and ends up selling it in eBay.
  7. Personally I've never backed a game just because I wanted to support a specific genre. My reason for backing have always been more selfish than that. And, btw, I don't think BS5 is worth a 150$ either
  8. But what good that would have done? They still woud have needed over 300k to get the project done.
  9. The thing is, though, that if some one pledges a huge amount of money just to get BASS2 in production and it ends up that the 1 million goal won't be reached, the backer can withdraw or lower his pledge. It's not like he's forced to leave the pledge as it is, if the final bonus goal is not met. God knows I've done it (to Jane Jensen actually, as I started to feel her system to be overly complicated).
  10. Actually I don't see it as the pledgers paying two games at once. It's bound to happen at some point, that the actual Kickstarter campaign make so much, that not all of it will go to the production of the game (or other prodcut). While you could argue, that you could always use money to add new features, areas and plot to the game, the line has to be drawn somewhere: all additional stuff won't necessarily make the game better, forcefully added things may even ruin the game, if it would have been better with less content. So the question becomes: what happens with the money that wasn't used? Is it a bad thing, if that money is used to other prodcut or should it be refunded to the pledgers? Is it okay, if the producer actually makes profit from the Kickstarter?
  11. I think Gibbons might be doing the comic book art for BS5.
  12. The way I understood the BASS2 as a bonus stretch is, that they'll get to start the making of it sooner rather than waiting profits from BS5 to make it possible. Personally I don't have anything against for them to add it as an additional bonus goal, considering they seem to have extra material alredy planned, but placed aside because of budgetory reasons. It would have been questionable if BASS2 would have been the only stretch goal. But as of now they know that 800k is all they need to add in everything they've planned for the game, so now they are just saying straight, that if they get million the extra money after 800k will go to BASS2. Of course they could have just say that the extra after 800k is just buffer money and use it on BASS2 anyway. But anyways, I do hope that none of the companies will use Kickstarter on their future games anymore. I'd prefer for the sales profits to be enough for their future endevours.
  13. How's that dishonest? It's not like they are lying about where the money goes if 1 million is reached. But then again, I think 650k is as high as BS will get.
  14. BS5 just passed the 400k mark, so from now on everything will be for the stretch goals.
  15. I think it's partly because of advanced technology and the games shifting to consoles. But then again, there's a new shift again, when games are going into mobile devices, which effects again on the graphical appearance of games and might effect on genres as well.
  16. I think traditional point & click games may be a bit cheaper to produce in general than full state of the art 3D games and it's easier to find traditional artists from most countries. You can produce a quality game with smaller staff as well. You can also produce the game for a borader user base, as the game specs aren't necessarily as demanding as with Crysis.
  17. There's couple of other succesfull Kickstarter game projects outside US besides Revolution actually. Carmageddon of course is the more profilic one, but then there was also Legends of Eisenwald by Aterdux, which is a company coming from Belarus. I'd say they're much smaller and less profilic company and they managed to do a Kickstarter project.
  18. One big issue with crowdfunding is though, that you end up buying a product blindly only based on, at least in some cases, vague descriptions what the game will be. This is why products with people in them that have gained the backers trust at some point, be it the most recent game or past glory, is important. I don't think Pendulo has managed to get that trust.
  19. Funny thing about Future Wars. When I was a kid me and my bro got the game, but accidently in german. We managed to play the game through with sheer effort and a help from a old german dictionary and a walkthrough. Needles to say the plot we understood was practically nothing. Fast forward a couple of years and I got the english version of the game and boy, was I disappointed with the actual plot of the game. The german version, which I understood next to nothing, had turned into a much better plot than the game actually had.
  20. I think the eyes are the biggest issue here. The way they've done Georges eye lashes isn't fitting at all. But as I said, I don't think there's anything wrong about the 3D models that can't be fixed.
  21. I do think he's a bit too hang up on the notion of serious simulation, thus it can't be fun. You can do a serious software with out it being boring. It doesn't mean that it should be FPS game with top notch graphics, it just means that it needs to express the subject matter in a manner, that is both educational and entertaining at the same time. Again, this doesn't mean that it should be flinging fart jokes all around, but for a general audience it also needs to be something else than just graphs and numbers.
  22. And a couple of issues I got with his Kickstarter: 1. The game seems to be lacking fun. It's just a simulator, in which you fiddle numbers. Not very exiting. 2. You pay of something that ends up being free. Why should I pay, if I can use it free later?
  23. Some of those are obviously useful on with text adeventures or parser based games, but while I was reading those rules, I noted, that The Legend of Kyrandia 1 & 2 are a prime example of the rule 7. There's a lot of puzzles in both of those games is based on mundane fetching of different objects (diamonds, miscelaneous spell ingrdients etc.) that are randomly created in different parts of the world. Rule 2 applies on those games as well.
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