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  1. Psychonauts 2 Update #7 - The Team

    I'm a bit disappointed I'm required to own an Oculus / HTC Vive to play the game. I'm not planning to spend hundred of bucks on a VR set (AND a stronger PC!). Please consider the option to make a non-VR update or at least adopt cheaper VR solutions such as the new Oculus Go. If this wasn't a Psychonauts experience, I would probably just skip the game altogether without complaining. But we're talking Raz here. The franchise is not strictly connected to the VR environment. I played the first Psychonauts, I am a backer for Psychonauts 2, but I'm cut off from playing Rhombus of Ruin. This doesn't feel right. :-(
  2. Tim will be the star of a "fireside chat" (plus autograph session) at 10:30-12:00 in SALA GEMINI on September the 29th.
  3. GOG Updates?

    Hi! I don't know if the game has been updated on Steam since its release in april. I know that the PC version on Good Old Games is still stuck at 1.1.879806, the original one. I've even tried to use the GOG Galaxy to check if it could download other versions, but no dice. Still 1.1.879806. I can't believe the Windows version hasn't been updated since then! :-P
  4. GOG Updates?

    Nope, the game is still stuck at v. 1.1.879806 on GOG.
  5. GOG Updates?

    Thanks! I'd still like to check it out this new version. We reported numerous bug/glitches, I wonder if they've been addressed. I hope the GOG version will be updated in the near future.
  6. Nitpicker's Corner

    +1 I really hope that we still got some kind of project lead who's following this through the patching. And Matt is a great guy, btw.
  7. Nitpicker's Corner

    Nothing in particular. Matt Hansen, the executive producer, has always been as open as possible with us on the forums, but he also said that each news they give us must be authorized in some way, so I assume that a fan edit of the material would be even more difficult to handle. ;-)
  8. Nitpicker's Corner

    I'm afraid they cannot let you edit stuff, especially on this project, which is a licensed title. They're working on a Disney/Lucasfilm property on terms they set with the copyright owner. I think it's the same reason why DF wasn't as open as Matt wanted, during the development. Hiring you could probably be simpler! I agree with you: fingers crossed. :-P
  9. Nitpicker's Corner

    I saw them, the credits went smooth in my walkthrough. Anyway, two more problems to throw in. Sorry guys, but they're pretty annoying. Ben isn't shadowed in the canyon section, when he goes under a rock formation. He is shadowed in the original version. Also, the whole desert / canyon sections are still too bright, IMHO. The monitor text in the Italian version exceeds screen borders.
  10. Nitpicker's Corner

    Yeah, there was a palette-cycling effect in the original DOTT, in the shot where the future Edisons are scared by the skunk. The effect was removed in DOTT RE, but the shot itself was SO fast that almost no one noticed.
  11. Full Throttle is out on 4/18!

    That's great, but I cannot believe you left the localized dubbed versions out of the package (German, French, Spanish, Italian). I'm not too worried, though: this is not the first time GOG forgets to update the default language infos for a game.
  12. How did you adapt the many prerendered animations and cutscenes to the FT Remastered modern rendering? I assume you'll give us the option to switch resolution: that can be a problem when some assets had an original fixed resolution. Grim Fandango Remastered suffered from that, but I am happy to see that FTR looks HD 100%. I am very curious to know what was your strategy / pipeline.
  13. Since this project was announced, I've been wondering: if you remove the platforming from Psychonauts, do you get an adventure game? Everything I saw in ROR gameplay vids reminded me of that classical pace you get from graphic adventures. :-) Also, I keep hoping for a Windows version, but Spaff has already answered to this in another thread. :-P
  14. IGN posts Reveal Trailer

    Yeah, some work has still to be done, in order to blend the 3D models with the scenes. The bike always looks too bright and detached from the background. Anyway, the rest looks terrific, basically they're stickig to the DOTT Remastered approach, and that's great.
  15. Backer Blu-ray Production Status

    May I ask why did you cut Ron's reaction to Tim's pitch from episode 2? (Deleted // Ep02-03: Ron Responds to the Pitch in VHX files). I don't think he's totally right, because the spaceship "world" is great and cohesive, but Vella's section (in Part 1) felt indeed a bit disconnected and a bit all over the place. I still enjoyed the game, as I said. I think Ron's is a very interesting remark, though. But then again, backers would have freaked out. :-D
  16. Psychonauts 2 FigUpdate #1

    That's odd, it came through on my e-mail. Are you sure you've got the right e-mail address on your Fig account? Absolutely, I double-checked. And I got the other emails, BTW. Go figure... I'm happy to know emails are reaching backers, though. :-) Did you back by paypal? I saw someone on twitter who asked if whether the paypal backers were getting the updates too. Never mind, I found the mail. Labels in my gmail account went wild, the mail was buried under tons of other stuff, where I never look. :-P I'm sorry.
  17. Psychonauts 2 FigUpdate #1

    That's odd, it came through on my e-mail. Are you sure you've got the right e-mail address on your Fig account? Absolutely, I double-checked. And I got the other emails, BTW. Go figure... I'm happy to know emails are reaching backers, though. :-)
  18. Psychonauts 2 FigUpdate #1

    P.S.: I didn't find the update in my backer email. Be sure to actually send the update to backers, because not everyone of them checks forums, FB, Twitter and so on. ;-)
  19. Psychonauts 2 FigUpdate #1

    Yahoo! Update! Yay! I especially liked the "combined" process you're using to create minds/characters/locations/themes/gameplay features. This is going to be a treat. :-)
  20. Official updates?

    Hi, guys! What's going on with the project? The campaign ended three months ago and I have not read any update on P2 since then, except one email with some nice wallpapers. Did I miss something? I read Tim's tweets about him being busy writing and designing, I know this will be a very long production, but I'd still like some official word for backers. I said this during the Broken Age development: don't feel forced to post updates only when you've got 2PP's beautiful videos. Those take time, as a backer I'd really like a regular biweekly / monthly update about the production status. Nothing wrong in a few boring (but informative) lines such as: "Working on concepts" or "We're programming some prototypes". IMHO you shouldn't go silent for more than one month. ;-)
  21. Official updates?

    That's exactly what I meant when I started the thread. ;-) I didn't want to blow this out of proportion.
  22. Official updates?

    Hmmm... I don't know. I read about this big issue, of course I'd like to know something more about it, but we must remember 1.950.000 dollars were just good old pledges. I guess they should already have a minimum budget to take off while they wait for this thing to be sorted out. At least they could share something of the preproduction /prototypes process. My guess is they're knee-deep in Rhombus of Ruin (and the PS4 port of P1), so very little work has been actually done on P2. Working on Rhombus of Ruin probably paves the road to P2, because I imagine the two games will share characters models or some sets. But... see... I'm guessing, you're guessing. Everybody's "guessing". :-P We should not be left to guessing.
  23. 1.04 patch notes

    Thanks for sticking with the game, guys! :-)
  24. Official updates?

    So... what happened to the update? Or did I miss it? No, you didn't. :-( And yet... Crossing my fingers these won't become biannual updates. :-P
  25. I bet the multiple-saves slots for Maniac Mansion will be a pretty long update to produce, since everything must be tested on Windows/Mac/PS4/PSVita. They're still working on the Linux version though, so they've definitely not dropped the game (and I guess they'll want to implement the new updates in that version too).