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  1. The whole art remastering, pretty brilliant in keeping the original feel in HD. :-) No small feat.
  2. I don't have a "wish list", I just have one big worry. :-P Since the game is lowres 320x200, I guess you'll try and update the graphics DOTTRE-style (I like that approach very much). Unfortunately, Full Throttle is different from DOTT because the game features pre-rendered 3D models and animations. There were HUGE problems in integrating the prerendered stuff with real-time graphics in Grim Fandango Remastered. The prerendered animations and movies in Grim were pretty much identical to the original compressed files, and the clash between the updated graphics and the old art was cheap-looking. So, you can't leave Full Throttle mostly as it is (as you did with Grim), because it's lowres and DOTTRE showed how good an updated graphics can look. On the other hand, retracing/redrawing/rerendering ALL the hybrid graphics featured in Full Throttle could be really expensive. I'm worried that the usual budget you got for the two previous remakes could not be enough this time around. I hope I'm wrong. And PLEASE... could you beg Disney to take the original games on GOG while we wait? I know your licenses don't allow that, I'm just asking if you may give a hand. ;-)
  3. Yeah, I know those, great work. :-) But I'd still like official backer updates. Well, they could share the process of finding their feet. It's part of the fun. ;-)
  4. Hi, guys! What's going on with the project? The campaign ended three months ago and I have not read any update on P2 since then, except one email with some nice wallpapers. Did I miss something? I read Tim's tweets about him being busy writing and designing, I know this will be a very long production, but I'd still like some official word for backers. I said this during the Broken Age development: don't feel forced to post updates only when you've got 2PP's beautiful videos. Those take time, as a backer I'd really like a regular biweekly / monthly update about the production status. Nothing wrong in a few boring (but informative) lines such as: "Working on concepts" or "We're programming some prototypes". IMHO you shouldn't go silent for more than one month. ;-)
  5. This makes the original Maniac virtually uncompletable for the newcomers...
  6. Diduz76


    Thanks to you! Psychonauts 2 incoming... :-)
  7. I totally agree, today I was super happy to watch two brief video updates from Tim, after many days of silence. The messages in those threads made my day too. The "issue" with the campaign ("issue" is too strong a word, it's doing great!) was the lack of up-to-date interaction with the team. That's what I mean with "silence". :-P Dev's Play are great (I'm slowly catching up, I always love 2PP's work), but they were pre-recorded, so I didn't feel that connection which makes you really proud of being a backer. ;-) I blame it on Christmas too. Shame on you, Christmas. With all that said, the social take Spaff and DF prepared obviously worked like a charm: nasty videos and comments about DF are all over YouTube and the net, so the end result of the campaign strikes me as a strong achievement. Okay, enough with that: where's my Raz figurine?
  8. Thanks, AAIA. :-) To be clear, we know there's an answer in the FAQ section already, but we're still asking because the Game Info page seems inconsistent with the FAQ.
  9. So... any official news on this conundrum? :-)
  10. Great job by 2PP, as usual. Seeing the team ten years younger made me realize I'm ten years older too. Now I feel depressed and exhilarated at the same time. :-P
  11. That's what I infer from the "Game Info" page, but it's not what I understand from the FAQ, which just mentions English. ;-)
  12. I thought that EFIGS translations would be included in the project right from the start, judging from this: https://www.fig.co/campaigns/psychonauts-2#game-info At the same time, the FAQ says: So... are localizations part of the stretch goals? I guess so, but the Game Info page is a bit misleading.
  13. I think this is very important, especially because they decided to tell a juicy part of the whole Psychonauts lore in this spin-off. IMO the game should be available on all the platforms Psychonaus 2 will be on. Too bad Sony is paying for this, so I don't think this will happen. I know it's not part of the campaign per se, but it still sounds wrong to me.
  14. Actually, Double Fine used Early Access three times: Spacebase DF9, Hack 'n' Slash (4 months) and MASSIVE CHALICE (6 months). Great post, anyway. :-)
  15. I worry about the number of backers. The original Double Fine Adventure KS managed to get 3.3m with the help of 90.000 backers. In this case, it looks like less hardcore fans are pledging big bucks, but occasional/small backers, who were such an important asset to the success of Broken Age's KS, seem silent. I don't know... ...what's the best path to victory? Less, more generous backers or a big crowd of "minor" supporters? Could hardcore fans be enough to get to 3.3m?
  16. This Rhombus of Ruin thing is tricky. I don't have a PS4/PVR, but of course I'd like to live this story. At the same time I doubt a simple straight port would make any sense, if they're designing the game to be "virtualy reality - centered". What about a stretch goal to implement the story as an extra for Psychonauts 2 with different controls? Even better, if they managed to squeeze a non-virtual reality version out of Sony's partnership, the money we'd pay to play a Wuin/Mac/Linux Rhombus of Ruin could become part of Psychonaut's 2 budget.
  17. EDIT: I spent 30 minutes to write a post, while Spaff was answering to me! :-P Thanks a lot, I hope I didn't sound too negative.
  18. Hi! First of all, Psychonauts 2 is a great idea. I love it. I backed Broken Age for 100$ and I'm willing to do the same for Psychonauts 2, but there are some things that worry me after the last experience. This is not trolling, I'd really like to know these things. Here I go, please don't kill me. :-) 1) Are there stretch goals? We're getting to 3.3 millions pretty fast, is there a plan to use all the extra money in a clear way? I fear the "x10" Broken Age effect which could modify the original project too much. 2) Strictly linked to n.1: could we know the exact amount of money that Double Fine and the mysterious partner want to invest in the project? 3) Will the project use each and every Double Fine employee (50+ members)? 4) Strictly linked to n. 3: if the whole Double Fine will be working on the game, there could be no way to find extra money if the project goes overbudget. When this happened with Broken Age, Double Fine got the money by portings, other games and other projects. If the whole team is working on Psychonauts 2, you would be forced to sell the game in episodes to get the needed money. That didn't necessarily help Broken Age: I mean, episodic release was effective to finish the game but I don't think it really helped the game reception and balance. Not to mention that the genre of Psychonauts 2 wouldn't fit episodic release all that well. I look forward to all the answers you are able to provide. I'm here. My wallet is almost ready, but it's wary. :-P
  19. A little trick to fake a bit more detail is by just adding some texture to the image (open the image in a new tab to see it at full size): It also helps making this look a bit more like traditional animation... just make it an option in the menu. Now if they manage to roughen up the line-work as well... I second Laserschwert's idea. :-)
  20. "Remastered"? I remember a "Special Edition". Anyway, that looks great.
  21. Is everything okay? The progress halted almost two weeks ago.
  22. Great! I'm especially looking forward to episode 4 subtitles, I've always loved that episode with Peter and Scott. :-)
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