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  1. You got a point. I don't think many of us thought about that at the time, though.
  2. By the way, I find interesting that we are looking for an explanation. I mean, I went through the whole Day of the Tentacle in this way, without even thinking that Bernard, Laverne and Hoagie weren't communicating their intentions to each other. And I could also mention Zak McKracken and its "yellow crayon" puzzles (although there's a strong idea of a "new-agey" mental connection among Zak, Annie, Melissa and Leslie). IMO, we are questioning Shay and Vella's actions because we feel Broken Age is deeper than Day of the Tentacle, story-wise. The game is more serious and more meaningful than a (wonderful) straightforward funny romp. I don't think Broken Age is perfect, but it sure is mesmerizing. :-)
  3. Anna did not clarify this, she just said she liked this explanation. If no clear answer is given, this is as good an explanation as any. ;-)
  4. Hi, Tim! Glad to see you're reading this! I've got two questions too, if you don't mind. :-P 1) Shay seems to have forgotten that his parents are human. Is this part of the SPLARGH treatment? Is this part of the whole Thrush "therapy"? 2) In act 2 you're supposed to solve Shay's puzzles using the clues accessible by Vella, and vice versa. Is there a real mental connection between them? This is not clear and many gamers/reviewers think it's a just a cheap way to make the game harder. I'm sure there's a narrative reason, because you've deliberately used this approach several times, especially in the final puzzle.
  5. Guys, I really want to vote, but I need to understand if the image layout will be really similar to the Nordic release: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51Osq5to3IL.jpg I think Greg said the layout would've been similar to that, on a bigger box. Is this confirmed?
  6. I liked the game. :-) PROs: 1) The themes in the story are interesting and emotional. The game has a heart that I rarely experience in games, at least like this. Nowadays you usually get a lot of indies dealing with "emotions", but I appreciate the way feelings and themes are interwoven in a funny atmosphere, keeping dialogs lighthearted. 2) I was among those who complained about the lack of difficulty in Act 1. I've been heard and I really enjoyed the challenge I got from Act 2. You've been listening, Tim. I particularly liked Hexipals: they're both puzzle-related items AND funny characters. It's always great when you manage to make the link between design and mood so strong. Who did the graphic design for them? Something about their puzzles reminded me of Loom musical threads and broken alien machinery in The Dig. 3) Art and animation. I can understand if this style is not everyone's cup of tea, but the way backgrounds and animations are executed is really top notch. Plus, the game looks great from a technical standpoint too: the way light interacts with 2D characters is more sophisticated than what I'm used to in the average adventure game. 4) Music and... SOUND DESIGN. I love Peter as anyone else, but I really want to express my appreciation for Camden's work. There's something bizarre and unsettling in the spaceship sounds, in both acts, and sfxs complement music with class. As in the old LucasArts days, the whole sound work isn't less important than the visual pizzaz. It's just more... subliminal! CONs: 1) Plot would have been stronger with more hints to find solid explanations. As it is, some things are left to the player to reconstruct, or even to make up entirely. Some examples. In Act 2 Shay and Vella solve puzzles together but they don't interact: this COULD be related to their "connection"; the "COULD" part is the reason why some gamers and reviewers are bashing the writing for being sloppy (which is a shame, considering my #1 PRO point, dang it!). Another example: Shay interacted with his parents when he was 6 years old or so: did he forget this and really believed his parents were computers, with this being part of villains' treatment protocol? That's the explanation I gave myself, but the game doesn't provide it. Last example: I had some trouble in understanding what I was trying to achieve in the final puzzle. I mean, I understood how to solve the puzzle per se, but I had to reconstruct what Shay and Vella wanted to do AFTER I solved the puzzle. 2) The finale is great in theory, but I have some problems with its staging. The bridge idea is pivotal, but I didn't realize it was the central meaning of those shots until I saw the "annual bridge celebration" art, during the end credits. The gap the bridge covers also seems too narrow to be... symbolic enough (I don't know if I'm making sense). Maybe if Shay's and Vella's families had crossed the bridge too, the whole idea would have been clearer. Also, the defeat of Thrush seemed too important to be narrated via a simple drawing during the credits. 3) Ok. I know Curtis and the Dialog Tree are fans' favorites, but... I fail to see where they fit in the scope and the meaning of the story. I remember that, when I read that those characters and locations of the tech demo were about to be implemented in the final game, I shrugged: "Well, Tim has probably found a way to put them in the story flow". Well, they still feel out of place to me. They're not a community, they're not a family, they're not villains, they're not parents, they're not chiefs, they're not sons/daughters. They feel... distracting. I also find Gus a hard-to-relate-to character, but at least he's still part of his community, so his destiny is linked to the main theme of the story. 4) I liked the idea of the switched point of view and revisiting locations. As much as I like the idea from a narrative standpoint, I would have liked Merriloft and Shellmound more... visually different in Act 2: what about seeing them in the night or at dawn? Something along the lines of the half-destroyed ship, which on the contrary is very effective.
  7. I voted "I would pledge less" (100$ backer here), but the reason is not as straightforward as it seems. I like the game. I think the team did a wonderful job. Unfortunately, I think the over-the-top success of this Kickstarter messed things up in a lot of ways: the project mutated in something different. I think Tim would have probably chosen a Thimbleweed Park approach if he really got those original 300.000+100.000 dollars: personally, I don't care if the game tries to be something more than a simple retro experience - I understand that - but this switch in the original intent confused too many other backers. All the extra money put too much emotional weight on the shoulders of Tim and the rest of the gang. Too much success for a Kickstarter debut. Too much success for such an experimental project, which is also aimed to explain how videogames are made.
  8. This is what's left of my notes. I jotted down other stuff on tiny unpractical post-its I had to trash. There are also unrelated scribblings of mine on the left side of the page, with a different orientation! :-P I'm Italian, so you'll find different letters and numbers in these familiar puzzles.
  9. I must admit such an interpretation came to my mind while I was playing, but it was less detailed. More like "The Double Fine Adventure created a bridge, and Shay and Vella are creating a bridge, nice!" But I stopped after that, because I'm afraid not every narrative detail would fit in the metaphor. :-P You got a point, though. I especially liked the way those themes (unmasking and personal fulfilment) are tied to the idea of growing up. In order to grow up, a necessary step is being capable of looking at things from other perspectives. Coincidentially, when you begin to do that, you also realize life is much more complicated than you thought it was.... SO the puzzles in the game become harder! :-) I also think Broken Age is a story about family and parenthood. The parents in the game have made a lot mistakes, they have fallen in the trap created by eugenetics weirdos or they have been plainly had by sleazy charlatans (Harm'ny) and empty politicians (Dune). Shay and Vella will be the "antibodies" to all this, not before they'll be able to grow up switching their places and understanding the world from both sides. Pretty brilliant, if you ask me, and even sweet. The parents are weak, but they're honestly thinking they're doing their best for the children.
  10. I know so much more about game development after all we've been through in these three years. This has really been an adventure that goes beyond the value of the game itself. You fought for a good cause, Double Fine.
  11. 4hrs, I tried to use everything on everything/everyone else (you get some funny one-liners if you do that). ;-)
  12. The translations are there -- you just have to turn on the subtitles and pick the language you'd like. Thanks Anna, the game page on the Apple Store is pretty ambiguous (the only available language is "English"), and there are several comments by users complaining about the lacking translation. The "someone who would like to play" is actually my girlfriend :-), who watched me play and was fascinated by the visuals. She checked on the Apple Store with her iPad and told me the translation wasn't available, so she hasn't bought the game. That sounded pretty strange to me, so I decided to double check with you. Perhaps those users missed the option?
  13. I apologize if this has been answered before (I couldn't find the thread), but I understand there are no translations in the iOS version of Broken Age. How come? Will this be addressed in the future? I own the PC version, but I know someone who would like to play the Italian version of the game on the iPad. ;-)
  14. I really admire your balance between fan warmth and professional take on things.
  15. Did he really write "crap"? Come on. I mean, you may criticize a game without being offensive.
  16. I cannot vote until I see mockups of both the proposals (or proper cover image proposals, at least).
  17. More like up or down.... ;-) http://www.amazon.de/EuroVideo-00784-Broken-Age/dp/B00S1HJRT4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1427463858&sr=8-1&keywords=broken+age
  18. I didn't mean to be disrepectful of harrassed people, believe me. But, please, tell me how mockery is an effective way of stopping all this, of "actively putting the fire out". Did it work? You wrote a marvelous thing: The games themselves are a much better way to express all this. Mockery is not. Double Fine is already a company which embodies the right spirit to actively address these issues in its works. Bitter jokes in public events won't do the trick. Never. That's exactly what harrassers need to fuel their engines.
  19. Unfortunately, I think Tim's jokes weren't exactly the best way to avoid all this.
  20. Actually Tim, I am bit disappointed in you. I'm not talking about the content of what you said. I'm shocked at the idea you feel like reigniting the flame, right when the Double Fine Adventure Documentary has just gone public to help DF debunk blind criticism. I think I understand your point: you feel the creative freedom of the industry is at stake here, and I could agree with you. But if I find the tone of a debate too unhealthy, I'd try and find other ways to express my ideas. The last thing I'd do would be uttering provoking jokes in such a mainstream event, jumping back into the fray. Since that Sarkeesian tweet thing, your humor has been... tarnished by a sad mood I hope you'll be able to shake off. If there's one reason I should be angry with this whole Gamergate / SJW affair, is its success in p***ing you off.
  21. I don't think it's a good idea. I would have no problem with that (100$ backer here), but I foresee some issues. First, some users have paid to get the documentary, now you'll be distributing it for free? It's too early for that. I know buyers and backers would get access to HD versions and extras, but still... Second, people who hate you will keep hating you no matter what, because they won't lose their precious time to listen to "Schafer's excuses in the documentary". As someone else already said, they could even reedit the documentary out-of-context BEFORE Act 2 is released. DANGER-DANGER-DANGER. Third, foreign gamers have trouble in getting everything is said in the episodes (glad to see closed captioning coming!): nothing will really change for them. Fourth, the best way to end the madness is publishing Act 2 and Massive Chalice 1.0. We're getting there, so my advice is simply: hold on, try and ignore the mayhem.
  22. What about iMUSE? Will you be able to implement that in the Special Edition? The team of Monkey Island 2 Special Edition got it pretty well.
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