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  1. I got stuck in act 3. SPOILER You need to use the axe in order to break the floor tile in Domino's safe. Unfortunately, Manny does NOT look at the tile, so I supposed there was nothing to interact with. SPOILER MOD EDIT: Edited to hide spoiler - flesk
  2. On a side note, Lee Petty said in the Game Club chat that the total number of copies sold so far is split 50/50 between PSN and Steam. ;-)
  3. I don't understand, couldn't you swap that code with an alternative sound processing? I'm not a programmer, so I'm probably saying a stupid thing right now. :-P BTW, weren't you in the Tales of Monkey Island team? Best Monkey Island sequel after Monkey Island 2, if you ask me. ;-)
  4. Considering this project was sponsored by Sony, I'm especially grateful to Double Fine for the very existence of a Windows/Linux/Mac version. It's true, the game's rather heavy on medium configurations, but as far as bugs are concerned, I'm sure Double Fine is listening (and patches are still being worked on). All in all, I'm glad to play Grim once again, and I'm especially glad that so many new gamers have just been exposed to what this game still means: creativity, risks, solid vision, so much love poured in every single aspect of it.
  5. 1) More save slots 2) An additional, intense "testing and update" polishing session, because there are too many bugs / details left out (check the bugs forum). Grim Fandango Remastered is supposed to be the ultimate version of the game, after all. If fans will get back to ResidualVM because they miss those things, the remaster could be rather pointless, except for PS4 and PS Vita users. ;-)
  6. I'd really like a constant presence of Dave Grossman in the audio commentary. Many gamers forget that this game was 50/50 Tim/Dave. :-) I hope this can be done, even if he's part of Reactive Studios right now.
  7. Is Day of the Tentacle Special Edition secret? Probably it will be handled by the Grim Fandango team.
  8. No, I totally agree with you on this! I hate cropping! That's the worst thing ever! I was thinking along these lines: http://forum.blu-ray.com/showthread.php?t=166810 Greg actually talked about "screen filling art" in this interview, so I was kind of expecting to see that by now in some screenshots (Chan's Mural would be wonderful!). http://www.polygon.com/2014/10/10/6960243/grim-fandango-remastered-ps4-pc Otherwise, I think screenshots would look better in 4:3 without the black bars, just the good old square frame. ;-) P.S.: Grim's backgrounds should be 640x480, if I remember well.
  9. Double Fine? That's strange. Shouldn't the publisher be responsible for this? Costume Quest 2 is just developed by Double Fine, but Midnight City / Majesco is the publisher. My guess is that Majesco cannot afford to resubmit the game any longer.
  10. Actually, I don't think they would, because... well... the game looks gorgeous! :-P That's exactly why I think the 4:3 aspect ratio could spoil the perception of the game. Grim art doesn't look old enough to switch off contemporary expectations, especially now with the new textures and the new shadows engine.
  11. Are you refering to the edge of the 4:3 image? I don't see that as a problem at all. Adding a frame around it is just distracting from the really nice image compositions, and they could just crop the image if the black bars were distracting in screenshots. I don't think it's a problem for me, I play a lot of old games in 4:3 and I always respect the original ratio, but if this new edition aims to lure also the gamers who are not already familiar with Grim Fandango, those screenshots don't feel right. That's what I meant with "if you don't know the game already". I kind of appreciate the Disney View system used in some of their classic Blu-ray releases, and I swear it's not that distracting as it sounds. Pretty elegant, IMHO. ;-)
  12. The black vertical bars are really ugly to see, especially in official screenshots. I remember they were planning some kind of lateral frame. If that's the case, I think they should've put the frame in the official screenshots, this looks pretty odd/bad if you don't know the game already.
  13. Also, seconds later the PS4 Twitter account announced it is coming out in April, which means it sounds like we're lookin' at an April Release for Act 2. Neat! This sounds strange to me. Judging from the state of Part 2, I was guessing February. If that's the case, I cannot help to feel a tad disappointed.
  14. Too bad the game won't wrap up by Christmas, the Holiday season could've been the perfect moment to cap this experience. ;-) But if Part 2 turns out longer and deeper than the first, kudos to that. Broken Age needs to go out with a bang, and to fulfill its potential of greatness! :-)
  15. Not available on the PS4 EU Playstation Store. ^_- Not even showing as coming soon Pretty strange, I bought and played the EU PS3 version...
  16. I see where you're coming from, but I think this project isn't a simple nostalgia-grabbing. I can assure you that a good number of Italian gamers are complaining because their idea of "retro" is Monkey Island 1-2, they don't go back to Maniac and Zak. This is not a random modern developer who toys with the idea of retro, these are Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick imitating Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick. This is a very peculiar kind of nostalgia: they want to get back to their personal roots as much as the backers want to go back in time. It's a parallel journey, they're sharing the journey with us. I think it's pretty sweet, I don't think this kickstarter will be detrimental to modern adventure games, it's far too extreme. And that's the reason I think it's fascinating. ;-)
  17. Any chance we'll get Costume Quest 2 on European PS3/PS4 before next Halloween? :-P EDIT: Sorry, guys! The game's available right now!
  18. I managed to beat the game without solving the tile puzzle. Actually, I DID solve the puzzle, but I just didn't press E again to "activate" the rune translation mode. So I assumed I had something else to do and exited the room!!! I didn't even get the lamp and the pyramid! I just set my speed super-high to get past the warden and that was it. Reading the forums I realized I skipped those things, so I got back and solved the whole section. :-) I don't know if all this should be "fixed" (although the rune translation mode should be activated automatically when the player solves the puzzle, IMHO). On one hand, the whole point to the game is giving you the freedom to cheat and/or break it. I even discovered how to skip the whole final confrontation with the wizard in Tower Level 5: I just deactivated the battle trigger and I simply got on the DRMRoof. That's strange, but it's also pretty rewarding, because you have the feeling of controlling the game flow itself. Of course, in this particular case I knew I was skipping the confrontation, so I got back and faced the wizard. I am not a coward! ;-) On the other hand, nice sections of the game could be skipped by some players, and it's a pity. I guess the decision is up to Brandon.
  19. I guess we fans always tend to dream about "LucasArts reborn", but I think Tim is only trying to work on the games HE made at LucasArts. ;-) So I guess Full Throttle should/will be next. Zak, Sam & Max, Loom had nothing to do with Tim, so I'm not betting on Double Fine working on them. Day of the Tentacle was Tim Schafer-Dave Grossman 50/50, so I'd really like to have Dave in the team, at least as a consultant (since he's at Telltale now).
  20. It's an... imprinting kind of thing. In those years the Italian publisher of LucasArts games (the late CTO Spa), managed to get many good voice over actors to record our versions. Grim Fandango was one of their best efforts: Manny was dubbed by the same guy who did Shrek, Renato Cecchetto, with a deep, charismatic voice. I agree the English version is the best (I played them both). Our Italian edition lost many Spanish accents, but I think it was a cultural choice: in Italy, the Spanish accent is often associated with funny over-the-top characters, so the company retained the accent for the funniest characters, but decided to clean Manny's pronunciation (except for some particular expressions). I'm not saying the Italian version is better than the original. No way. But it's part of our national videogaming culture anyway, and it shouldn't be forgotten. ;-)
  21. Do you think the foreign voice overs were in 44Khz too? I suppose so.
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