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  1. Italian fans are already worrying about our dubbing too! :-P And I must say, even if the original English voices are top-notch, our version was pretty good, featuring great professional performances. I don't think the dubbings were copyrighted by foreign publishers, because in 2007 the Italian version of Grim Fandango was re-published by Activision, the LucasArts "European branch" at the time. CTO, the original Italian publisher, went out of business in 2004, but that didn't seem to affect that limited re-release. So... I really think LucasArts was the ultimate owner of international versions. The real question is: all voice-overs in Grim should be 22Khz, which I don't think is acceptable in 2014. I still hope they'll leave foreign dubbings in the game, regardless of their sound quality. Unless they manage to get all the masters (both English and international): that would be awesome.
  2. Biiiig news! This means Disney is not ignoring old LucasArts IPs after all... I wonder what "remastered" means, but I'm sure Tim will enlighten us on the matter, in incoming E3 interviews.
  3. That's great, Greg! Thanks. :-)
  4. Well, Hack 'n' Slash just came out, Brad is continuously working on Massive Chalice, Costume Quest 2 is in the works... DF is alive. :-) But my guess is that Broken Age Part 2 is moving REALLY slowly (concept art, preproduction), if at all. I remember that in the last documentary episode Tim said they changed strategy and would be working on mobile ports of Act 1: that's probably a way to make more cash before committing to Act 2. Since these mobile ports haven't come out yet, I am afraid we'll be lucky if Act 2 will come out in the Fall. But I'm just guessing. Guessing is stressing. Don't like that (too much). :-P
  5. That's exactly what I'm thinking, but I would really like to stand corrected. That's the reason I started the thread. ;-)
  6. I understand each documentary episode takes time, but I'd like to see the good ol' Greg's updates back... ;-)
  7. THIS, I was actually really taken-aback by this. Actually, I was RELIEVED by this. ;-)
  8. That's true, but Justin doesn't say that the whole 2m from BL and Humble Bundle are going into Act 2. He's just happy that they got the money so they'll be able to work on Act 2. 6m$ is A LOT of money, I assume they need the money for something else than Broken Age, after all. ;-P I'd really like an official word on BA "final" budget.
  9. Do we have another source confirming the 6m$ budget for the whole game (Act 1+2)? I rewatched ep. 10 and the 6m$ budget sounds just like an estimation to me.
  10. Weird indeed, I also remember all the interviews/panels throughout the months. I thought: "Okay, the puzzle side is covered, they know exactly what they're doing". Then I played Act 1 and I was like- "What happened?" I really hope Act 2 will be better, because Act 1 was a letdown for me. A huge creative effort, a nice story, but still a letdown as a game... I'd really love to see Act 1 "fixed", but I guess it's just a dream.
  11. On one hand, I'm happy they're addressing the puzzle issue in Act II. On the other hand, half of the game has been ruined for me. I'm sad, because you'd think a veteran like Tim should know how to prevent those problems he's talking about... :-( I would really like if they "fixed" the first part of the game... but I'm afraid the ship has already sailed.
  12. Diduz76

    Day 2

    Thinking about your Disney inspiration, those sketches reminded me of Maleficent's goons in Sleeping Beauty. :-)
  13. I thought about Ron's manifesto when I was playing. To me, the violation of #4 sounds a big problem, considering I'm ALSO facing easy puzzles.
  14. Too early to tell. I'll decide after Act 2. I don't regret backing because of the documentary and the experience on the whole, but I think the game has design issues (too many easy / "reverse" puzzles), so I'm disappointed from that point of view. The jury is still out. ;-)
  15. This wonderful episode managed to make me feel guilty for my critical reaction to the puzzle design. Still, I'm vocal because I love you, guys.
  16. You're so right it hurts. :-P The peach example is perfect for me, because I had NOT taken the peach before reaching the temple, so I was forced to actually SOLVE the puzzle (an unusual feeling during Broken Age Part 1): I realized I needed the fruit and I went all the way back to get that. I know, that's backtracking, but it's not bad per se. Going back to Meriloft gave me the feeling of knowing the game world, a great feel. That was my only (mild) "ah-ah!" moment.
  17. Actually, Tales of Monkey Island and some episodes of Sam & Max are WAY harder than Broken Age, IMHO. ;-)
  18. I totally agree, but it's "Schafer" with one "f". ;-)
  19. That puzzle was SO vicious (and yet so logical, if you think about it!). That puzzle would never work nowadays, because we have much better graphics and you would instantly know what to do. :-)
  20. I loved the Spoon, I started the game with Shay's sections, and the Spoon was among the first characters I encountered. Love at first sight.
  21. Broadening the audience of adventure games is not a new necessity, and I'm NOT against it. Monkey Island 2 (1991) had Lite/Complete modes. The Pandora Directive (1996) had Entertainment/Game Player modes, not to mention the optional hint system. There are other solutions to the "problem": you can create an easy game with a gameplay fresh and strange enough to be funny anyway (the distaff in Loom, the action sequences in Full Throttle, the platform dressing of The Cave), or you can make the hardest puzzles not mandatory to beat the game. This has already been done... by Double Fine itself! No joke: have you ever played Stacking? The "puzzle game surface" of that marvelous endeavour IMHO actually hides the key to make this work, and I still felt the world of Stacking was huge and rich. And I'm talking about a low budget 8 hours game (if you want to complete it 100%) without voices, not an old age 30-40hrs behemoth. ;-)
  22. I'm trying not to overreact. We still need to judge the second half of the game.
  23. I don't know how the track is called, but I think the "epic battle" piece is gold.
  24. The ending is pure genius, because it sets a great premise for Part 2. The inversion of roles (between Shay and Vella) is also an inversion of their universes. What's the future of Vella's world now that Mog is dead? How will they react to Shay? How will the Mom-Computer act now, with Vella inside? Shay and Vella looked for a different life, and they got it. WHAT NOW? That's great.
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