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  1. I see your point, but I still need BOTH of these feelings. If I don't get stuck, if I don't have any sidequest, I don't need to wander through the world that much. I also like strolling through Monkey 2 or Indy 4 nowadays, but the reason is that the feeling of my original goal-oriented wandering is within my memory. Just to avoid the usual "classical" adventure games examples, I ended up loving the world of Stacking, because I had to explore all of it to accomplish major and minor tasks.
  2. We're not even simple costumers. What's a backer? That's a pretty good question. I think I know what "being a backer" means. When someone will ask me "Could you suggest me the best old style point & click adventure game?", I'd REALLY want to answer: "Broken Age, hands down!" Right now, if someone asks me that, I am forced to answer: "Errrrrr... I think Deponia is for you." I should be 100% supportive of the game and yet I am not. Something's not right, especially when I think that Broken Age is better than Deponia on almost any aspect, EXCEPT the puzzle design. I don't want to tell Tim how to do his job, I want Tim and Double Fine TO ROCK. HARD. If I shut up out of mere respect (which I think I have for Tim, Lee, Greg, David and the gang), I am not fulfilling my ROLE. Complaining per complaining is a customer's job. I'm a backer, for Harm'ny's sake. ;-)
  3. Exactly. It certainly seems like this was unfortunately their thought process. I suppose we're lucky that the game ended up being split in half. Now they have a chance to redeem themselves. I don't think so. Tim explicitly said their approach was different from Telltale's interactive stories. And it is. I don't think that Broken Age is an interactive storybook/movie, just a simple adventure game. You progress through Broken Age by solving puzzles. VERY EASY puzzles, granted, but they're still puzzles. Telltale's approach with The Walking Dead / The Wolf Among Us is radically different (and I like that, but that's another story).
  4. Found another mistake. Curtis (the lumberjack) says: "Se avessi una concezione superficiale dell'opera". The correct translation of the original English line should be: "Se non avessi solo una concezione superficiale dell'opera." Please correct this: right now Curtis is stating the opposite of what he should be saying! :-o
  5. Why don't we merge this thread with this other thread here? http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/12312/ ;-)
  6. I don't know, but Marek sounds like Richard O'Brien in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
  7. This. I'm not sure this is tweakable just by removing the hints. Two moments really bugged me. When Shay was on the falling train I discovered the solution to the puzzle by mere chance, first try! I simply re-clicked on the mountain's mouth right away and- bang! "Puzzle" solved. And I hadn't even tried all the rides yet! I was forced to restore a previous savegame to experience those BEFORE the plot of the game went on. Annoying. Same goes with the grandpa-knife puzzle: I tried to give grandpa the cake (no real choice there: he was the only one willing to accept that) and I chose the "split option" just because I thought he was nice and I wanted to share the cake. And then - bang! Puzzle solved: here is the knife. Another example: the shoes you need to avoid falling off the clouds. When the shoemaker gave me the wrong size, I began to think about a way to solve the problem. I kept exploring, I met the other maiden and -bang, she gave me the right size shoes. Just like that. The game would need some triggers to keep players from stumbling on puzzle solutions. Less hints could help, you're absolutely right, but these issues would still be there. Tim can still improve the experience, though. We know he's working on upping the difficulty level for Act 2. If Act 2 is really challenging, Broken Age could become the perfect way to introduce newcomers to the magic of adventure games AND to please us old timers. :-) Otherwise, the game will be targeted to newcomers and Schafer/Double Fine-fans ONLY. That would be such a waste of a wonderful work (storywise, artwise and... soundwise! :-P ).
  8. Old adventure gamer here. :-) According to my savegames, the game took me 4h 20m to complete, but Steam clock displays 5.6hrs (beats me). You should ramp up the difficulty for Part 2, Tim. ;-) Anyway, that's probably one of the most original and personal adventure games I've ever played. Kudos to you and the team.
  9. Yeah, that's a bad mistake. I'd even suggest a "Dacci dentro". Too much? :-P
  10. [italian] [shay, on the main deck, I think] He says: "Fratello!" (the literal Italian translation for "brother"), but Shay's just annoyed! We don't say "Fratello" in this context! You should try "Cavoli!" [Vella, during the Feast scene] The writing on her dress is "Acchippami", but there's an "a" missing. Should be: "Acchiappami"
  11. The orchestra in action was so thrilling... :-) Anyway, I hope they'll retain those LucasArts-style fonts in the final game. That's the kind of nod to the past I really like (whereas I'm not that much into pixel-art).
  12. I love that talented celebrities like Jack Black or Elijah Wood already know Double Fine, even before they're contacted for their jobs. Makes me feel even prouder of backing the project. :-)
  13. No, I'm not a Massive Chalice backer (no hate or disrespect for the project, just not my cup of tea, but I think I'll probably buy the game in the future, when it's completed). My post wasn't just about us BA and/or MC backers in these private forums. Transparency is important for reputation and the general spirit of Kickstarter, not to mention future Kickstarter endeavours. The "public out there" could be the backer of tomorrow, after all. ;-)
  14. Hello, 110$ backer here. Since Tim's announcement about the Broken Age release plan, I've been reading a lot of forums and comments. I've been trying to understand what this Kickstarter means to me and what's been REALLY bothering me about the announcement. I guess the most wonderful thing about this Kickstarter is the transparency the team had been showing to us until July the 2th. I have NOTHING againts the new release plan. I realize I've not preordered a game, I just believed in a creative frame of mind. The thing that really hurt me was that the announcement arrived AFTER the Massive Chalice Kickstarter had ended. I don't want to discuss here if this was intentional or not (though an explicit answer from Double Fine would be nice), I just want to make this clear: if we are supposed to take part in Double Fine's creativity and production, even through the most painful moments, I want to experiment these moments. To quote Tim in the original video, I want to get my sausage, but I'd like it HOT or at least WARM. The "splitting Broken Age" sausage felt to me rather cold, with its gravy totally frozen. I don't like my sausage like that. If the other Kickstarter couldn't be jeopardized by the announcement regarding Broken Age, we have a problem. I DO believe in Kickstarter and I think the system allows the audience to become something more than a costumer. If this vital piece of information is delayed, this means we are still simple costumers, after all. There's still a chance this could just be an incident we all forget soon. In order to make this happen, transparency must improve. I know it sounds preposterous, since Tim has already risked A LOT confessing his overdesigning superpowers, but if we ALL believe in Kickstarter (we AND Double Fine), something more could be done. A precise breakdown of production costs (which many backers already suggested) is a nice idea for the moment. Finding the guts to admit schedule problems before another Kickstarter starts/ends is another step (if there's a problem, you could begin the Kickstarter a week or more AFTER these announcements). I think we are here because we trust Double Fine, so long developments don't bother us too much. But incomplete trust could undermine the Kickstarter spirit. We and Double Fine both have to learn how to deal with this mutation of fans, from costumers to backers. I hope I made sense, English is not my language. I know this had already been discussed in other threads, but I wanted to underline this issue. I sense a problem but I know we can solve everything and show the press and the non-backers that this Kickstarter still is (and will be) a great experience. :-)
  15. This has nothing to do with using more money and delivering a better game. I'm all for that. The thing is: transparency, which should be a pillar of the whole DF kickstarter process, has been strategically delayed. This doesn't affect Broken Age, but it sure affects my idea of Double Fine. Sorry.
  16. I totally agree. It's been the most disappointing thing ever. :-( I mean, we kickstart games because we basically TRUST Double Fine and other developers to handle the games. Trust is all that keeps DF and their fans together. I'm trusting DF in splitting Broken Age, but they didn't trust the fans to handle the truth before it could harm Massive Chalice. I don't like this. Somehow I understand this, but I still don't like it... sigh.
  17. As someone already pointed out in this thread, the Leisure Suit Larry remake sold 250,000 units in it's first week. There's an audience for adventure games outside of just the people who fund these kickstarters. Would that be enough? At this point, I cannot be sure of anything. Also, Larry is all about sex. You can't go wrong with sex. :-P That was just the first weeks sales. They will continue to sell well after that. Not to mention, the Larry remake does not have the same recognition Broken Age does. A lot more people know what Psychonauts is than what Leisure Suit Larry is. I REALLY hope your optimism is spot on, and I'm not ironic. I'm just worried for Double Fine's image, that's all. ;-) The game looks great so far.
  18. As someone already pointed out in this thread, the Leisure Suit Larry remake sold 250,000 units in it's first week. There's an audience for adventure games outside of just the people who fund these kickstarters. Would that be enough? At this point, I cannot be sure of anything. Also, Larry is all about sex. You can't go wrong with sex. :-P
  19. Soooo... you're basically funding part 2 by selling part 1? I don't know... this sounds SO risky. I mean, you've already sold 90.000 copies of the game. We're talking about an adventure game, that's A LOT. Considering your vision is so expensive, how many copies of Part 1 do you think you'll need to sell, in order to PROPERLY fund part 2? Remember: we already own the game, so we're out of the equation.
  20. Wow, this is fascinating and helpful for all wannabe writers out there/here. :-)
  21. 2014?!?!? Gosh, I hoped for a late/Holiday 2013 release. :-( That's one hell of a production schedule for an adventure game these days.
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