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  1. Only now I'm realizing how much complex the graphic engine is. Kudos to the team, this is going to be a treat.
  2. You can buy the single issue! http://www.zinio.com/www/browse/issue.jsp?skuId=416260210&rf=sch&sch=true
  3. Part 4 was one of the most touching moments in the documentary series. Once again I'm reminded by Tim's and Greg's looks how creativity can be challenging and rewarding. Unless Greg is drunk in that video.
  4. Tim, what about working on the "Broken Age" and "Worlds Apart" ideas changing some elements? I mean, e.g., "Torn Age" or "Dreams Apart"or... ? ;-)
  5. Ouch! I'm afraid Kasper is right. Well, it's not set in stone yet. Too bad, I really liked Broken Age...
  6. No matter how you put it, the idea of Ron Gilbert leaving Double Fine before DFA is completed SOUNDS bad. It's not bad... for real, but SOUNDS bad. :-P Of course every backer (which I am, BTW) should know that Ron wasn't really involved in the game production. I never imagined that a guy directing his game (The Cave) could have much time to do proper design on REDS. The 2PP documentary has been mostly Gilbert-free until now, so... no real harm done. Unfortunately Ron Gilbert was part of the mood which fueled the Kickstarter, no reason to deny that. REDS has always been a Tim Schafer and Double Fine game, but Ron's presence was part of the "renaissance feeling" which drew SO many backers. I'm doing my best to reassure disappointed gamers in the Italian forums, because REDS will obviously go on without Ron (and Double Fine is a kickass team), but I think their disappointment is understandable.
  7. I voted for Broken Age. My (creative?) suggestion was "DEAD DRIFTS" ( as in "Dead Ends", you know... :-p ).
  8. I think repetition is the only flaw of the game. He's right about that, but he was too harsh (as usual). My connection to Double Fine team (and Ron) is too strong to be that aggressive, especially after the bond we've been developing during the Amnesia Fortnight and Kickstarter. Doing original stuff means risking, and you cannot always go 100% victorious. ;-) They should've associated the three now-mandatory areas of the game to three other characters, so you could've skipped those. Anyway. Except for the repetition, I disagree with Yahtzee: I had a lot of fun, and the story WAS there. It's not plot-driven or dialogue-heavy, but I enjoyed the overall message. Heck, the very presence of a message isn't something you get in games very often! :-P Graphics and animations rocked; voices, music and sound were spot-on. I respect Ron: he could just churn out a low resolution 2D old-style point-and-click adventure game with SCUMM verbs and relax. He doesn't get lazy, I like that.
  9. I only remember old titles. If you're into adventure game-style gameplay, I suggest the Goblins trilogy ( http://www.gog.com/gamecard/gobliiins_pack ). If you like the platforming aspect of the game, you can try The Lost Vikings (it came out for DOS, Amiga, Super Famicom, Sega Genesis and GameBoy Advance): unfortunately, I don't think the game's available any longer, unless you look for it on Ebay. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Lost_Vikings Just don't expect a 1:1 experience, The Cave has a unique feeling on its own. :-)
  10. Actually, the patch just managed to make the game "crash immediately on startup" for me. I can't play. :-( Is it normal that the game tries to install the "Microsoft VC Redist Package" each and every time I start it? Anyway, the game was working before the patch. Solved. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and everything seems back to normal. I had made a backup of the savegame. ;-)
  11. Actually, the patch just managed to make the game "crash immediately on startup" for me. I can't play. :-( Is it normal that the game tries to install the "Microsoft VC Redist Package" each and every time I start it? Anyway, the game was working before the patch.
  12. I didn't mean multiple keyboards/mice, I just meant "Player 1 - keyboard, Player 2 - mouse" ;-)
  13. Hello, I understand there's no chance for a two-players game using the mouse-keyboard combination in the PC version. Do I need a joypad to play the game with someone else? I hope this can be addressed in a future patch...
  14. "Unsee this"? Why should I, Tim? That's part of our adventure. We're all in this together. When I gave Double Fine 100 dollars I based my decision on trust, nothing more. Guess what? I still trust you after Episode 7. This means something. :-)
  15. I had already asked this, but nobody answered. :-P Will there be any music? If so, who's composing it?
  16. I was surprised at Tim's desperate attempts to beat that action sequence. As far as I know, there's no strategy involved. I just keep pressing the left button (frantically), while moving the mouse to the right. And that's it. :-P
  17. I don't know... my favorites are L and O, but they are SO different. I guess the choice really depends on the mood of the story. Let's say L feels very heroic, O feels an average and more relatable girl.
  18. I think the different ways they organize their work are fascinating. Peter likes to touch the pictures in books, Scott fires up the internet... this episode was somehow touching. I am a proud baker, every day more and more. :-)
  19. Michael Land rearranged some tracks Peter did for Monkey 2 (Guybrush Floating Theme and Stan Theme). Those and the iMUSE system must be the reasons he's credited in Curse. Curse is 99,9% Michael Land. ;-) Check this (3:30)
  20. Lee! My personal hero! I really liked this interview, and...yes, you may call Stacking an adventure game. As a matter of fact, I think it's one of the best adventure games out there. :-)
  21. That's incredible, this is just a pre-visualization and it's already so stilish and personal. Money well spent, I guess.
  22. How about a simple apartment block? I know it sounds dull, but every apartment block is full of stories. They're small worlds, after all. :-P
  23. Will the game feature a continuous musical score? Who's the composer?
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