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  1. Hello guys, I'd like to know who's working on the game besides Ron and Jean Paul LeBreton. Art direction? Music? Programming? Animation? We all feel part of the Double Fine family after the Kickstarter wrap-up party, you know. :-)
  2. The Last Express, because it's one of the best adventure games ever conceived by human mind.
  3. First of all: the creator of the funniest adventure game (i.e. Stacking) IN YEARS is helping to define DFA's visual style. GO LEE, GO!!!! I think my avatar gives away my sheer fanboyism. :-P Regarding the concept videos: they're really cool, and I would be against deformed characters if I had not played Psychonauts and enjoyed it a LOT. :-) PLEASE keep experimenting with the in-depth movement we see in the last video. I've always wanted to experiment such a thing in a 2D adventure game, to get that "Disney Multiplane Camera feel".
  4. The video is ok, but I was expecting something more game-oriented rather than kickstarter-oriented. Anyway, some kind of recap is always necessary for the sake of videogame history, I guess. :-)
  5. No problem with that aspect of Machinarium! I like having multiple places to explore at once. ;-) I just don't like the idea of the "casual" gameplay engulfing the classic story-driven puzzle solving.
  6. Hello! I wonder how much Tim Schafer and Double Fine are interested in following Amanita Design's gameplay style. Tim keeps talking about the game, it's getting a lot of votes in the "best adventures" poll, so I'm a bit worried. Granted, Machinarium is a great game, touching, elegant. Classy graphics and characters. Wonderful sound design. Unfortunately, Machinarium has one thing I REALLY hate: abstract puzzle-solving minigames, often totally detached from the context. I love classic adventure games, but I'm not so keen on the Professor Layton / 7th Guest gameplay. That's one of the reasons I love old LucasArts adventure games, usually you didn't stumble in this stuff. If you're really interested in this casual-gaming approach, at least don't make it an integral part of the experience. I know I would be really disappointed... Telltale's Puzzle Agent felt a missed opportunity to me. :-P
  7. What's great about DOTT? That's simple: almost every puzzle is a gag. You literally play the story. Solving the game is actually funny, it's not a chore.
  8. This kind of thread is one of the reasons I decided to back this project! :-) Hooray for transparency! I'd also like to see a cost breakdown for the production of the game itself.
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